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Is Google Pixel 4 Coming to the Official Channel in Romania? : – Hi-Tech Lifestyle


The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are due out on October 15th. The technology called Motion Sense will launch with the debut of American smartphones. You can control the smartphone with hand gestures in the air, similar technology was introduced by Huawei on the Mate 30 PRO.

In the apk application, it has been discovered that Motion Sense will work in the following countries:

  1. Austria;
  2. Belgium;
  3. Bulgaria;
  4. Canada;
  5. Croatia;
  6. Cyprus;
  7. Hot;
  8. Denmark;
  9. Estonia;
  10. Finland;
  11. France;
  12. Germany;
  13. Greece;
  14. Hungary;
  15. Ireland;
  16. Italy;
  17. Latvia;
  18. Lithuania;
  19. Luxembourg;
  20. Malta;
  21. Netherlands;
  22. Norway;
  23. Poland;
  24. Portugal;
  25. Puerto Rico;
  26. Romania;
  27. Singapore;
  28. Slovenia;
  29. Spain;
  30. Sweden;
  31. Switzerland;
  32. Taiwan;
  33. great Britain;
  34. United States.

We've highlighted countries where Google sells Pixel smartphones on the official channel. There are countries where the Google Store operates, but Motion Sense may be missing:

  • Mexico, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand.

Additional authorization from the competent authorities may be required, and thus lack of initial appearance.

We could also see expansion in the countries of which Romania is a part, the ones where you get Pixel only with unofficial imports. Most are from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

I have to admit that the probability is pretty low, but not unlikely.

Google has provided access to just a few apps for motion features:

  1. Amazon Music;
  2. Deezer;
  3. Google Play Music;
  4. iHeartRadio;
  5. Pandora;
  6. Spotify;
  7. Spotify Stations;
  8. YouTube Music;
  9. YouTube.

I assume that over time, they will open up the list of applications and depending on the merchant outlet enjoying the new feature, an element that will mobilize developers.

There have been modest attempts in recent years to change the way you interact with your smartphone. HTC comes with Edge Sense, you pick up the phone and have access to certain apps or in apps you go to preset features. They didn't enjoy what they knew, they migrated with Ed Sense from HTCs and to the Pixel line (and the team that did it did so after HTC's R&D centers reached Google). Now trying to remove the volume control, Huawei's Mate 30 PRO, but at first glance I didn't find it so easy to implement.

I tested this kind of control on the BMW X5 and it even went smoothly. We now discover that smartphones also integrate a sensor capable of recognizing hand gestures in the air. I'm a little cautious about adopting it and that's because we're mostly with the smartphone straight in hand.


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