Monday , August 10 2020

Indian IT giant Teh Mahindra opens Romania's first development center and wants to turn Timisoara into European operations center

The Indian company Teh Mahindra, a provider of digital transformation, consulting and business process IT solutions solutions with $ 5 billion annual business, opened its first development center in Romania, in Timisoara, with a team of 100 people.

The center will focus on transforming networks using cutting-edge technologies for key clients in Europe.

"Timisoara is an important industrial, commercial and technological hub, with a rapidly growing IT sector and a large young population, who speak both English and German. We believe the IT sector will see spectacular growth in the next three to five years with the advent and spread of new technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence or 5G. Thus, we intend to turn the Tech Development Center of Mahindra in Timisoara into a center for company operations in Europe and to grow our team exponentially year by year, ”said Vikram Nair, president of EMEA Tech Mahindra.

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