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I hope you also came to say goodbye to Iasi's vote

Mayor Mihai Zirica posted a Facebook message to Vorica Dancilic, referring to a visit announced by the prime minister at the end of this week in Hassi. He calls it "Premier with Zero Achievements » and hopes that Danka will be present in the city to "bid farewell to the Fazzi vote".

Mihai Zirica posted a letter to the Romanian Prime Minister on Wednesday on his Facebook profile entitled "A few questions for Prime Minister Vorica Vasilica Danilicic", In the context that Danancilic is expected to meet in Hassi on Friday.

In the text, the mayor calls it Vorica Dancilic "Premier with Zero Achievements », expresses hope that he will come to the city to "bid farewell to the people of Hassi" and asks him to consider the promises made over time.

"I do not know exactly the main purpose of your visit to the Moldovan capital, but I hope you have come to say goodbye to the people of Hassi and Modena in general. With swift steps, the prime minister's mandate goes bankrupt. Leave behind Yassi and Moldavians, whom you have constantly beaten. ", wrote Mihai Zirica.

The mayor of Ias asks the public in Danancilic, where there are several major investments pledged in the Moldovan capital.

"Where is the highway promised and voted in parliament, Mr Prime Minister? Where's the bypass? What about the Regional Emergency Hospital? Where are the investments in education and health? What did you do with the money (24 million euros!) What did you take out of Hassi's budget in the last two years? You said you took the Romanian village out of the mud, but how many villages in Moldova have you visited since you were prime minister? We leave the young people in the country out of poverty, and I despise your elders, because you have just condemned them, Mrs. Danila! “, writes Mihai Zirica.

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The mayor, however, wishes "welcome to Hassi", "so that Fazzi will admire you in all the superb glitter with zero achievements! Life has shown us that all who overlooked this proud city and this beautiful and spiritually burdened province were thrown into a garbage can of history. Remember Liviu Dragnea ?! Temporary rulers, but eternal curse of the people! “

In the same text, Mihai Zirica asks Vorica Danancilic if he is familiar with the culture and people of Hassi, referring to the past of the historic capital of Romania.

"Do you know anything about culture and people in this area? Did you find that without the victims of Hassi and the Moldavians, Romania would not exist? Who knows? … perhaps without sacrificing our ancestors today you would have been only the Prime Minister of the Republic of Teleorman, talking on the island of Belina to the clans. I have no doubt that the Romanians have finally understood how much damage you have done to this country"He writes Mihai Jurica.

At the end of the letter, Jurica mentions that she is a good host and is just waiting for Vorica Dancilic to list the completed projects and "promise us other great achievements!" but no one ever believed. The people of Hassi never forget and never forgive, Mrs Danchili! “.

Viorica Danchili will be present in Jashi on Friday, where she will participate in PSD Jashi's district executive committee, meet with the Social Democratic mayors and visit two hospitals.

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