Monday , January 25 2021

Hot News: Playstation 5 does not start this year; Apple and Qualcomm fell into peace Exclusive: What to expect from Sony PlayStation

PlayStation 5 comes with new hardware: with SSD and 3D sound, but not commercially available in the market this year. In an interview with Wired stores, with Mark Cerny, System Architect and Designer PS4, he said the PS5 comes with the core octopus core based on the third generation of AMD Ryzen processors, and the graphics card will be the latest AMD Navi. The new configuration allows us to monitor real-time light effects, similar to the effects of CGI that we now see in movies, such as reflection, refraction, and shadows, all incredibly real and complex. source: wired

"New York Times": Apple and Qualcomm bring together all disputes in the world

Over the past four years, Apple and Qualcomm have been fighting on three continents, each with their own weapons, and the row has been billions of dollars in the sale of smartphones. The latest confrontation took place on Tuesday at the San Diego Federal Court, where Apple announced it has reached a global agreement with Qualcomm and that they want to give up all allegations. In addition, both parties signed a 6-year contract, under which Apple is committed to paying an indefinite amount for Qualcomm's patents. Source: NYTimes

Digi: Smart invoice awards subscribers

Digi | RCS & RDS launched a campaign to activate electronic invoices – "Enable Electronic Invoice and Activate Smart Prizes!", Which will last until May 31, 2019 and will be completed with a prize reward. Thus, Digi users who activate their electronic invoice during the campaign will automatically enter the Digital Dance Festival and will win one of the 31 awards made up of: 10 phones of the Samsung S10; 5 Samsung A50 phones; 5 sees Samsung smart clock; 10 Headphones for Samsung Galaxy Buds and a Great Prize: 1 package consisting of 163 cm Samsung 4K QLED TV and Sony Home Cinema system. source: digi

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