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HOROSCOPE October 28. Venus enters Libra, Mercury degrades to Libra. See what that means to you

The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) have special achievements, but also challenges.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Aries

Venus today enters the house of relationships in your general horoscope, which indicates that, in the next period, you enjoy a better understanding of your life partner and / or those you work with. On the other hand, even today, Mercury goes back to the same house on your solar map, which means there will be times when it just seems like you just can’t communicate effectively with them. So, a period of contrasts at a relative level has been announced for you, which relieves any challenges in your relationship.

HOROSCOPE 28 October Taurus

Venus today stands in your solar horoscope at work, which helps to establish a quiet atmosphere at work, which increases your level of efficiency, with the fact that you will work better with your colleagues. On the other hand, also on this day, Mercury returns to the same house in your solar astrogram, on which occasion there will be situations in which you will find it harder to agree with them, due to differences in character and mentality or the fact that they put you barriers to the alternative means of communication you use during this period.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Gemini

On your solar map, Venus today occupies the house of love and children, good news for you if you are looking for a period in which you will reconnect with your life partner and / or children, in which you will continue with a new love story. . But even today, Mercury re-enters the same sector of your general horoscope, indicating that there will be times when you are not on the same wavelength as them. So, the next period can be disturbing in some way, but you will face it if you overcome the misunderstandings.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Cancer

Venus is advancing in the family house today in your general horoscope, due to which the atmosphere in the house will be calm in the coming weeks. Also today, Mercury returns to this sector of your solar map, a sign that there will be more topics on which it will not be easy to reach a common point of view with your loved ones. It is therefore important to focus on the full side of the glass to see the foundations on which you can build sustainably in the future. Otherwise, you will become attached to transient things, and your relationship will have nothing to gain.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Leo

With Venus in the house of communication you show charm and charisma to the tenth power, regardless of the interlocutors you have in the next period and the social situations in which you will find yourself. You easily feel comfortable and that will open all kinds of doors for you. On the other hand, Mercury is retrograde today in the same sector of life, a sign that it is planning a high enough risk that it will sometimes destroy it. Therefore, do not lie on your ear and check that you have done your homework before entering into discussions with slightly higher stakes.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Virgo

Venus appears today in the house of money and goods from your general horoscope, a sign that opportunities are emerging in the coming weeks to supplement income and / or profit on savings through investment. On the other hand, because of Mercury, which is also declining in the same sector of life, there are situations in which you will not be exactly inspired in terms of how you manage your budget and finances. For this reason, the next period can be confusing financially for you. Pay attention to the pocket and keep the boundaries.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Libra

Venus arrives today as a sign of your birth, which means that your innate charm and charisma are maximized in the coming weeks. It attracts attention wherever you go and everyone wants to have you around. This does not mean that you still speak every language. Also today, Mercury also returns to the sign in which you were born, which means that the risk of making statements that you will sooner or later regret floats above you. Be careful not to go that far and it will be good.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Scorpio

Venus today advances in the house of the subconscious in your general horoscope, which means that in the next period, you may think more often than usual about married life or past events in this area of ​​life. It is also possible that in the case of some Indigenous people from the sign, an ex-partner may reappear in the landscape with whom they still have something to say or share. On the other hand, it should be noted that Mercury is still returning to the same sector today, a sign that you may have some problems processing certain situations / thoughts.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Sagittarius

Venus today stands in the house of future plans and group projects in your solar map. This indicates that your popularity level is growing socially, that you are meeting new people or that the friends you already have are evolving. Some may also advance in the status of a partnership or collaboration in a joint initiative that brings your interests closer together. Remember that, even today, Mercury descends into the same sector of the general horoscope, a sign that some discussions are not going very well and you are distancing yourself from some people.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Capricorn

Venus appears today in the career house of your general horoscope, which helps you to draw positive attention to yourself at work and / or in your field of activity. In the long run, this translates into a more important job position, including in relation to the position you hold in the hierarchy of authority. Keep in mind, however, that charm and image do not take the place of skills. Mercury’s descent into the same sector indicates that there is a risk of making some statements that indicate that you still need experience or that you are drawing hasty conclusions.

HOROSCOPE October 28 Aquarius

Venus today enters the house of philosophy of life, studies, travel and bureaucracy. For some natives, this announces the purpose of the trip, which also has an important leisure component. Or maybe it’s legal steps to start a business abroad. It is also possible to start or continue a course you enjoy. It is also possible to get involved in a long distance relationship or with someone of another religion / nationality. Keep in mind that even today, Mercury returns to the same sector of life, which can lead to delays or delays.

HOROSCOPE 28 October Pisces

Venus today stands in the house of money and relationships in your general horoscope, which means that both aspects will worry you a lot in the next period, especially if they interfere with each other in one form or another. And with Mercury downgrading in the same sector today, finance is expected to be a difficult topic to deal with effectively with co-workers and / or life partners. However, resist the temptation to erase under discussion the topics of discussion for which you are unable to reach a conclusion. Otherwise, problems arise.

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