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Halep, described by her first coach: “She was disobedient from the start. Two years, he didn't pay me. "

Simona Halep is a great champion, the best player in Romanian history, but not once has she shown serious behavioral deficiencies in relation to those of her staff.

What did Chirikel Tomai say?

* Simona came to Bucharest. There is no sponsor, no coach. Her father owned a dairy factory they were dealing with and sent her to the competition. I started a collaboration that made me a victim. I didn't pay for two years because I had nowhere to go. Then he started earning money and things changed. The federation helped with the balls, the field, the trainings, I coached and slowly started playing. The results started to appear because she had the qualities to get there, but she couldn't express them. They were not practiced, they did not materialize.

* In 2010, I decided to stop with Victor (ie – Henescu) because he was a mature man, he had a family. Simona needed my help, she was 93, and I realized that I had to decide what to do. He was no longer with both of them. I decided to help Simona.

* I traveled a lot. There were times when Simona got there, when … I had misunderstandings, moments that upset me. At one point, I was disappointed. Back then the pitch was pretty bad, but not so often. At Wimbledon, he played with Medina Garrigi. He lost decisively to Hertogenbosch and Wimbledon. She was pretty cool and naughty on the ground, commenting there. I do not like these things when the player no longer has that peace and that warmth and begins to trust his master.

* I told him a week before, if he doesn't calm down, we won't continue. I told Wimbledon that we would stop. He sent me a message, started apologizing, finally crying. He asked me to give him another chance. I tried to move on, but during that time I had problems with stress, rested hard and found it difficult to continue.

* I decided to stop, I honestly didn't feel the urge and pleasure to continue with it because of the incidents that happened in the last two to three months. Tense tensions, her behavior on the ground could no longer be controlled and I really didn't want to.

* I talked to her a lot, but she didn't want to change. Comparing herself to Victor, she kept saying to me, “I'm not Victor Fanescu. I can't be quiet! & # 39; It took years for him to apply the things we were talking about at the time. I decided to quit. I also published it. The parents came, shook hands, and stopped working.

* Since then, I haven't spoken. It had a cold connection.

* Her behavior was such that she refused to contact me anymore. About three years have passed since I left for Canada with health problems, but few know. Unbeknownst to me, two of my friends came to her and she stubbornly refused to talk to them, my friends telling me that it was difficult for me. I never wanted to call her. I am convinced that in a few years this perspective will change. She is an aggressive sentimental toy. It's not … You have two options: either you like it and you accept it or you don't like it, it greets you and you don't accept it. It has its own circle.

* I want to tell you that when I stopped, her parents came to me, but she didn't come. Her mother told me to invite Simona to talk. I called her, she didn't answer because then I didn't answer … She gave me a message and that was it.

* Ever since I met her, she has been talking through messages. With very few people talking. It may not be easy to tell someone you are standing up. There were also Mrs. Ruzicci, my parents, my family.

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