Friday , April 16 2021

Former Defense Minister Reveals Books, Talks About Vaccine: “Government Goes Out of Control” – News from sources

Former Defense Minister and now Pro Romania senator Adrian жuуuanu, a candidate for deputy mayor from Dambovi кандиa, told a news conference on Monday that very little was being tested to detect KOVID-19 cases. maintaining an reported figure of less than 10,000 cases.

Zhuuzhanu also said that the government got out of control, writes

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“There are still very few tests in Romania, the small test has a hidden political purpose, but for those who really lead a political life it is still easy to decipher, namely to keep the number of diseases below 10,000, we are already listening to the President of Romania and the Minister of Health and Mr. Orban that we are on the plateau, ie the number of diseases is stagnant, the situation is unrealistic, as long as you test and the results are of this type. “It will enter a total quarantine, possibly establishing a state of emergency, because it is clear that the government has gotten out of control of the situation regarding the control of the pandemic,” said Adrian Sujuanu.

Regarding vaccination, the parliamentarian addresses the high cost and continues, in this context, the issue of testing.

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“Regarding vaccines, a lot of discussions, it is good that the government has taken some measures to prepare the vaccination for the population, but we must know two or three questions: the first vaccine will probably come to Romania next year, somewhere in the first quarter, in the second, the market price is between 25 and 37 dollars, so it is a conclusion why not test it ?! It is cheaper to test the whole population, to isolate the sick. This price is from 25 to 37 is the difference in the pharmaceutical company, obviously different, it will be higher or lower, depending on the number of doses purchased from each country. “Twice, which means that if you bought, for example, two million doses, you managed to solve the problem of immunization of one million citizens, at a cost of nearly 100 US dollars, which is not small at all.” said Adrian Shuzuyanu.

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