Sunday , April 18 2021

Eternal and fascinating of Romania! GE-NI-AL! Rapid played against Manchester City today :)) Agricola Borcea's goalkeeper was in the shirt of the Premier League leader

A leader in his third league, Rapid runs after the promotion. Julianne Panku is expected today with Agricola Borcea.

Rapid is developing independently against Agricola Borcea. Last week, Julesteni, trained by Daniel Panchu, drew in Aufumati, 1-1. They remain leaders in their third league and are favored for promotion in the second round.

They came over the goalkeeper of City 🙂

In the match with Agricola Borce, who was scheduled at Reggie, at 16:00, the goalie of the guest entered with quite other equipment from his colleagues. Portal for agriculture "Borcea", Ionut Vreme, has evolved into Manchester City!

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