Friday , April 16 2021

Discoveries inside DNA. How huge investigations are underway. “I will sign”

Liberal Florin Cia took over the Treasury a year ago from his predecessor, the Scottish Democrat Evgen Teodorovic. However, he says he did not sign the handover report when he took office because he had some “objections”.

Ongoing DNA investigations

“Currently, some investigations are underway in the ministry, some have been completed and the reports have reached DNA or elsewhere, for others I am waiting for the final report. Once I have these reports, with the appropriate observations, I will sign that handover report as well. “But at this point, the investigations that have been completed, some of them have reached the DNA, those that are being worked on will get to the right place.”

Orban’s first government was inaugurated in November 2019, when Cau took over financial management.

Grindeanu accuses PNL of “debt record”

PSD First Vice President Sorin Grindeanu accuses the PNL of pursuing a government policy that would bankrupt Romania. The former prime minister points to the loans agreed by Minister Florin Tsiju, which Grinedanu says are “a record debt, after the Revolution, for one year”.

A candidate for deputy in the December 6 parliamentary elections, Sorin Grindeanu, also says the way the Orban government is managing the health crisis will result in a low turnout.

Grindeanu: “The only economic sector that had to win was the banking sector”

At a news conference, Sorin Grindeanu underlined that, from the whole period of the pandemic, “the only economic sector that had to win was the banking sector, Romania registered the highest level of indebtedness since the Revolution,” Gendul wrote.

“I think the way the government manages both locally and centrally the health crisis will lead to a low output, which is not good for democracy. The measures taken are bad and are due exclusively to the way the PNL is managed this year.

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