Monday , January 18 2021


DACIA Logan 3 is the new version of one of the most popular, most used and most famous cars in Romania, and you probably already know that extremely new features have been implemented for it, some of which are used for certain Renault cars. Today we are talking about the CVT gearbox that DACIA Logan 3 has been implementing since this year, bringing a completely different driving experience, the DACIA Duster is about 2 years old.

DACIA Logan 3 explained in the video above the CVT gearbox, the one that until recently was used mainly by Asian car manufacturers, but here it reaches Europe and will become increasingly popular. CVT transmissions are completely different from normal, which eliminates the need to change gears, everything flows linearly during acceleration, which customers with the new DACIA Logan 3 will feel immediately after purchase.

Dacia Logan 3: An amazing change worth the money

DACIA Logan 3 has a CVT gearbox designed differently than usual, and because there are no more gears to change, the acceleration is done as you know from the subway, the tram, and the change itself is very good. Sure, there will be customers who want DACIA Logan 3 cars with manual transmission, but those who want modern, future technologies, will choose the CVT transmission and will benefit from the most relaxed ride possible thanks to it.

DACIA Logan 3 greatly alters the driving experience thanks to this CVT gearbox, because the intermediate stops in acceleration to change gears, in the case of a manual transmission or a robotic one, disappear completely. It is impressive that the DACIA Logan 3 has a gearbox of this type, given the very low selling price, but here DACIA managed to do so thanks to the fact that the technology has been used by Renault for years.

DACIA Logan 3 is now available to order for interested clients and will arrive at offices in Romania and other European countries sometime in the coming months.

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