Friday , October 22 2021

Cătălin Măruţă, message for Florin Busuioc: "Life surprises us …" for television


Cătălin Măruţă has sent a message to Florin Busuioc on his social networking site. The TV broadcaster said that "life surprises us with unexpected storms", continuing to reveal his feelings, since he heard sad news about Busu. His troubled gesture of collegiality was appreciated on Facebook by hundreds of people. In short, Florin Busuioc suffered heart attack on Tuesday evening, November 6, who filled everyone with fear. this It hurt to be at a concert at the "Oltenia Philharmonic"from Craiova. His colleagues immediately called 112, and the doctors decided that Busu would act urgently. Currently, the longeviv presenter is in good condition, but the fear that the situation will change is still alive in the minds of people who love him. among they were Andreea Esca, Andra, and the one I mentioned above, Cătălin Măruţă.

It seems that his trusted companion has long ago invited the weather presenter to his performance when he does it well. "Sometimes life surprises us with unexpected storms, but it's important to know that the sun will come out again", the moderator of the spectacle began its name. He added, admitting that he felt palpitation when he heard the news of him who said not only the weather throughout the morning, but also other jokes to bring smiles to those who look at him. "Busu gave us some emotions yesterday." I can not wait to see him on the couch, greet the corridor and listen to the weather and puzzles in the morning. Do it right, Busu! ", he finished his message Măruţă.

The picture is a catch with the message of Catalina Maruta to Bus
Cătălina Măruţă's message for Busu collected many comments that only the presenter wants

A message from Catalina Mărută to Florin Busuioc gathered hundreds of comments! It's hard to replace you! "

As for the reactions of the presenter's fans, they came incessantly and contained only good wishes for him. "Come on, Busuuu, it's hard to replace you … Okay, and guide your doctor to work, God help me !!!", "Busule, quick recovery, and get back to the news as quickly as possible, without you, no charm. "," Good health! We pray for him and we hope to see him soon! "," I shouted at six in the morning when I heard the news, God helps to be good! ", there are comments from people who love the presence of Busu on small screens.

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