Saturday , July 31 2021


Android 10 battery

Android 10. Many new features have been posted by Google to users all over the world two days ago in the I / O, and among them are some of iOS, as Apple has done a lot of good things. Specifically, Android 10 has implemented a new battery function directly from iOS, with Google thinking that phones running on its operating system need this big change.

Android 10. The feature we are talking about is designed to help people around the world automatically get rid of the Low Power Mode when the phone's battery is overloaded. You already know that similar functionality is deployed in iOS that disables Low Power mode when the battery is loaded to a certain level, but Android 9 does not have it, Google runs it in Android 10 to simplify the lives of users.

Android 10. New Google LOW feature from iOS

Android 10. Another very useful battery function is not taken from iOS, but is implemented by Google in combination with an artificial intelligence system that is thought to extend the life of the battery. Artificial intelligence analyzes uploads and downloads of phones with Android 10 and automatically switches on the Low Power feature even when the battery has more power, but it does it so that we have enough energy during the day until we reach home.

Android 10 low power battery

Android 10. Practically, the operating system calculates how much energy we have and how much we spend on the basis of previous events, and activate the "Low Power Mode" preventively, so that we do not stay without the battery ahead of time. The idea for Google is great, and those who have Android 10 can expect the battery life to increase significantly after it is activated, automatic deactivation is done after the phone is loaded in a certain amount.

Android 10. This is said, Google implements many useful features for the battery of phones that run their operating system, and we can only rejoice that the US company offers.

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