Monday , June 14 2021

ALTHOUGH THE SCUS OF TV REALITY. Goose says there are problems. Also mention DIICOT. EXCLUSIVE EVS

"He also gave me a message half an hour ago, in which, please, he was panicked for what happened to him. The stories are as follows: Chief Executive Officer Eduard Pastia announced Rares and his producer about 10 days ago , that he has problems with two of his guests. More specifically, with Oana Stanikulescu and Orestes, and while the editorial leadership is not clear about this issue, do not invite them to the show. So get out of the glass for a while.

The editorial board also announced me, and I decided that until I cleaned up, some things. It's not a novelty with us. When someone was closer to us than Oana and Orestes, he had problems, namely, Claudiu Popa, but he did not appear on the screen according to the editorial decision, until things were clear.

DIICOT transfers the classification of his file and Claudiu Popa will appear on the screen.

I am completely inadequate to be a victim on Facebook, because editorial leadership always works on the basis that the Realitatea brand will not be affected.

Asked if the problems with Oreste, given the mention of DIICOT, were related to the Vip Drugs Record, Kosmin Gusha denied:

"Those in the editorial department told me that the issues related to these two were related to the use of the Realitatea brand in a personal interest, that is, of misconduct toward colleagues," said Realitatea's owner for EVZ.

Nure on Facebook announced that it was "kicked out":

"Today, just a minute before I entered the Government Games, I was banned for reality … After five years of fighting the Red Plague, because I did not marry the idea of ​​the Reality Party and because politics has no connection with independent journalists, I apologize for the audience on the best show in Romania, regretting that I leave only Rares between the wolves, without having to love this, I say goodbye to you! I hope to return to TV as soon as possible! I remain the same soldier for a direct cause for my country ! I can not be an accomplice to any mash nations …

PS: The most shocking was my friend forever, Rares, who got the news with me …

How much did I earn for Oana Stanchelescu and mine out of Reality? I hope that at least be worth it !!!

Unfortunately, I am convinced that Rares is the true goal and his insistence to remain an island of anti-bullying and love for beautiful Romania … " is the message of Orestes

Ekaterina Andronescu, MAIN CHANGE OF EDUCATION! All students will be affected

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