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Agoni, unstoppable Hello Brasov


Author: Dan NEACSA

Sent to November 19, 2018

Shameless, unstoppable

Olimpic Zarnesti won a derby against Inter Cristian, right on his pitch, scoring 1-0, in the final stage of Brasov's fourth league route.
Złotnicy ended the fall season with 12 wins and a single defeat, standing in the first position with 36 points.
The second team in the ranking is Saccele's precision, which after winning with Forteca Homorod (3-0) scored 27 points. Cristian also lost the third position, to the detriment of ACS Steag Roşu, who drew 1-0 in a duel with Ciucas Tarlungeni.
Noteworthy are also ACS Prejmer, 9-0 to Olimpic Voila and 5-0 to Carpatii Berivoi. In addition, two teams in the country of Făgăraş, together with Rupea Friends (1-3 matches with Victoria), are broken up by the remaining teams of champions.

Stage 13
Steagu Rosu Brasov 1 – 0 Ciucas Tarlungeni
Olimpic Voila 0 – 9 A.C.S. Prejmer
Friends of Rupea 1 – 3 Chemistry Victoria Town
Wings Brasov 5 – 0 Berivoi Carpathians
Inter Cristian 0-1 Olimpic Zarnesti
Precision Sacele 3 – 0 Homorod Fortress
A.C.S.M. Codlea 1 – 2 Coltea 1920 Brasov

1. Olimpic Zarnesti 36p
2. Precision Sacele 27p
3. Steagu Rosu Brasov 25p
4. Inter Cristian 24p
5. A.C.S. Prejmer 22p
6. Homorod Stronghold 22p
7. Ciucaş Tărlungeni 21p
8. Coltea 1920 Brasov 20 pence
9. A.C.S.M. Codlea 20p
10. Chemistry Victoria Town 20p
11. Brasowa wings 14p
12. Berivoi 7p carpets
13. Rupea's friends 6p
14. Olimpic Voila 0p


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