Friday , October 22 2021

5 years of presence on the Bucharest stock exchange for Romgaz Mediaş


The list of National Natural Gas Company Romgaz was one of the largest offers of shares sold by the Romanian state through the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Romgaz shares were introduced to trading on the main share market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on November 12, 2013. After successfully launching the first 1.7 billion lei public offering, both on the Stock Exchange and on the Stock Exchange London. For Romania, it was the largest offer submitted by the Romanian state through the Bucharest Stock Exchange up to that time and the second largest since the announcement of Electrica a year later.

"Romgaz's quotations on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and on the London Stock Exchange are an important moment in history
company. The auction has increased the degree of transparency and communication with investors, the business community and the public
in Romania and abroad. Romgaz took over the duties related to the listing and reporting of companies
and communicating important business events on the Stock Exchange. You should not forget about the plus of this photo
benefits from the stock exchange company. Institutional and individual investors, the media in general, the business environment, strive
close to the company's evolution and contributes to the improvement of our company's reputation, promotion and development, "
declaring Adrian Volintiru, general director of Romgaz.

"Romgaz is a state-owned enterprise which has the highest share in several indexes of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and represents
an important investment anchor for institutional investors, such as investment funds or pension funds.
Romgaz is also a success story for other state-owned companies that can be listed on the Romanian stock exchange. resumption
the process of listing state-owned companies means transparency, and transparency on the stock exchange translates into money. shareholders
the company will then be able to use offers such as the possibility of raising share prices or subsidies
dividends, "said Adrian Tanase, general manager of the Bucharest Stock Exchange

In 2013, the Romanian state, the majority shareholder of Romgaz, sold 15% of the company's share capital. The offer object has made it
sale of a maximum of 57,813,60 shares issued by the company in the form of shares and global certificates of deposit. The sale price was 30 lei per share and 9.25 USD for the global deposit certificate, which meant that the total value of the offer was 1.7 billion lei. The price of Romgaz shares at the beginning of November was 34.5 lei, which is an increase of 15% compared to the offer price.

"Romgaz is one of the largest and most frequently listed issuers on BVB. In the first ten months, it registered its value
from Romgaz shares with 850 million lei. Romgaz is one of the largest listed companies in Romania that has attracted and attracted significant investments from world-class institutional investors, and will help the Romanian capital market to get closer to the strategic goal of advancing to the status of emerging markets. The more companies we have on the stock exchange, the more Romania will benefit from investment growth and new jobs, all of which will translate into prosperity for Romanians, "said Lucian Anghel, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

"Listing on the capital market forces us to do. At the moment we have several directions.
we will continue to invest in onshore operations, focusing on replacing provisions for new ones. We want to invest
in petrochemistry and, of course, strengthening the position in energy trading markets. In the field of energy production
Electricity, Romgaz suggested increasing efficiency by investing in higher profits
Iernut thermoelectric installation, fulfilling the environmental requirements and increasing work safety, "said General Director Romgaz.

The value of dividends for SNG shareholders in the period 2013-2017 amounted to almost 7.4 billion lei. maximum
Romgaz's shareholder, with 70% share in the capital, is the Romanian state through the Ministry of Energy.

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