Friday , October 22 2021

With a 2.9% increase in salary, a new AutoEuropa employment contract was approved


Autoeuropa has today approved a new contract of employment which provides wage increases of 2.9% and 100% on Sunday, with 72.8% of positive votes and 25.9% of votes against, announced by the Workers' Commission.

"I am very pleased with the participation of employees in the referendum, the highest so far (82.6%) and approval of the contract by 72.8% of employees," said Lusa coordinator of the Employee Committee of the Volkswagen car factory in Palmela, in the Setúbal district.

In statements to the TSF, Fausto Dionísio, coordinator of the Staff Committee, he believes that this agreement is a "period of peace at work". Looking to the future, the coordinator hopes that thanks to this agreement, Autoeuropa will be able to make "big premieres if Volkswagen would be interested in large-scale production in Portugal".

Regarding the issue of transfers that workers opposed at their own discretion, they did not allow them to live a family life, the coordinator claims that they "adapted".

"Not only do we have this problem," he began by saying before adding that "The government did not give much help, in fact it was workers and families who adapted."

The employment contract also guarantees the integration of 300 contract employees with the company by the end of July next year.

In addition to paying 100% of work on Sunday, which was one of the main requirements of Autoeurope employees, the new contract provides for a salary increase of 2.9% in each of the next two years, with a minimum increase of 25 for each employee.

In the press release that Lusa had access to, the management of AutoEuropa also welcomed the approval of the new contract of employment.

"Volkswagen Autoeuropa employees today approved their employment contract for the period from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020," the statement said, noting that "in the universe of 5854 employees, 72.8% accepted the terms previously agreed between the employee committee and the management enterprises'.

For the management of AutoEuropa, "this agreement is an important milestone in the consolidation of plant development" and recognizes "the efficiency of the entire team in the process of transforming Volkswagen Autoeuropa into a large volume production unit".

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