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What is known about the MP's investigation

The investigation covers the current Majority Period (PSD / CDS) in the House, but extends to the last term of the Socialist Messita Machado. Braga Mayor Ricardo Rio and councilors Fermino Marquez and Miguel Bandira, all elected by the PSD / CDS-PP / PPM coalition, are charged in a land-related lawsuit in the Rodovia Sports Park.

In addition to these three mayors, there are at least four senior House technicians, one of whom is the current director of the urban planning department, Zamit Rosas, and his predecessor, at the time of the majority of the PS, Alberto Fernandez. It also includes business owners Rodriguez and Nevoa, meanwhile shut down by the process of separating companies between Domingos Nevoa and Manuel Rodriguez, the latter being owned by him, now called OniRodrigues. Another architect outside the municipality is accused.

The defendants' constitution was upheld in O MINCHO by Ricardo Rio on Tuesday, however, refusing to comment because the case is a secret to justice, but saying it was silent because he had done nothing illegal.

The Lucas Agency contacted the Office of the Public Prosecutor (FGP) who confirmed an investigation into that exchange, conducted by the Office of the Public Prosecutor (MP) of the Department of Investigation and Crimes (DIAP) of Porto.PG added that the case was "under investigation, ”with 13 defendants.

"The investigation has been determined to be the subject of a regime of secrecy of justice," the FGU said, which did not disclose the names of indictees or crimes that could be involved. From what we learned, Rio was heard more than six months ago in an investigation that he said the exchange was a political option, without prejudice to the Municipality, based on the opinion of the technicians on the value of the land.

This thesis was echoed by others involved, all defendants.


The exchange between the municipality and the construction company was approved in 2015 by the Braga Municipal Assembly, with seven votes against the CDU and the Citizenship on the Move (CEM) and 20 abstentions from the Socialist Party.

At the time, the CDU and JEM talked about "bargaining" and condemned the "pure privileged treatment" of the private company, as the House allegedly gave away more land than it received.

They noted that the company was receiving land for construction for tourism purposes and gave it a parcel that, with a recent revision of the Municipal Plan (PDM), was classified as "flood-prone or flood-prone". Also at the time, in a statement, the Braga City Council said land exchange was a "totally clear and transparent" process that would benefit "both parties".

In a statement, the Chamber also stated that the two countries to be exchanged have the same surface.

The executive, led by Ricardo Rio, said the criticism made by some "political actors" in the municipality was "unfounded and misleading" and aimed at discrediting a "totally clear and transparent" process.

For the Chamber the exchange is useful for both parties. On the one hand, there has been considerable intervention by the municipality in the area of ​​the city which "urgently" needs a regeneration project.

At the same time, the exchange prevented the company from building the east bank "which would cause serious security problems".

Common good

The company can thus be built on land belonging to the municipality, located in an area "more suitable for construction", which, according to the municipality, enables "greater urban integration of the building, with clear advantages for the common good".

The exchange allowed the city of Braga to implement a project to expand the Rodovia Sports Complex, extend the bike path and improve the banks of the East River. The plot of land owned by the private company was classified in PDM in 2001 as an area of ​​equipment, and in 2014 the company presented a project to build a tourist residential block on that plot.

With the PDM audit, that land was classified as "flooded or flood-threatened". "However, it should be noted that Rodriguez and Nevoa submitted a request for prior information on the land in question which, in the event of a failure to exchange, would need to be assessed and approved, extending the civil rights beyond the entry into force. of the new PDM, ”the municipality said in a 2015 statement.

In practice, he noted, this would mean that the land would retain the value and classification of the soil according to the 2001 PDM and that construction would continue "without the city council being able to prevent it." "The exchange for the exchange comes this way. , ensuring the implementation of a project of municipal interest that aims to effectively improve the quality of life of the population and, at the same time, prevent the construction of land on the eastern riverbank, which will cause serious security problems, "the statement said.

'No limits for builders'

The news was advanced by the newspaper yesterday Me has sparked a natural "rebellion" in social networks, spreading the thesis that Ricardo Rio's leadership is favoring the performers, and in this case, the group led by Domingos Nevoa.

In this regard, several sources contacted by O MINCHO denied the thesis, noting that the current Municipality had failed to seek real estate from many city builders, some of whom were affiliated with PSD, such as the Braga Ja Machado family company, which had to go to the Administrative Court for an urban project that was not approved by the City Council in the Largo Das Carvalairas area.

They are also exemplary of many other major contractors' disputes as they are in Seth Font, with urbanization claims in the area – where one wants to build a monumental eco – park of Ermellando Seceira and Jose Velozo. Ricardo Rio also instructed the lawyer representing the Municipality, Fernando Barbosa e Silva, that in the event of defects detected on the stadium anchors to be confirmed (ie that they are too wide), to take action against the ASSOC consortium, where are the Soares to Costa and the three largest builders of Braga, DST, Casais and the group Rodriguez and Nevoa.

As for Fogg's interests, the same sources point out that the City Council has not yet approved a project – of excellent architectural and urban quality, it should be said – that the businessman made for Quinta dos Pence on the ground opposite the Guatemala University campus in München. . “To say that the Chamber is a burden is a lie. This is already there! "They say.

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