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Vieira agarra pescoço de adepto na AG

Osnimos exaltaram-se na Assembleia Geral do Benfica, realizada nesta sexta-feira, and the president incarnado acabou but atirar se to the adepto.

Tudo aconteceu perto da uma da manhã (já madrugada de sábado, portanto). Luís Filipe Vieira is indigenous to the discourse of all associates, as if they were no longer algumas of relative relevance to integrating into the social order of the world, and of particular presidents.

A Geral Assembleia is long gone, with a variety of discourse before the President of Benfica, which is currently being touted as being unacceptable and unacceptable to associates, colocando or any other media.

Provided that the need for an intervention is present during the year, and is particularly sensitive to the effects of the exposure to respiratory distress.

Algum tempo repository, en tempestivo menus, Vieira et referendum associate est estamam in conversa no palanque.

A Assembleia Geral is not prolonged, but the president of Benfica is going to have to go through the egg, as well as the trabalhos.

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