Sunday , April 18 2021

Two employees in the same company were killed in a car accident – Portugal

A major collision between two trucks was fatal to two men who drove into a truck behind one of the heavy trucks and also ended Friday on IP6 between Atoguia da Balea and Serra de El Rei in Peniche.

Two of the injured were still injured, one of which was severe. All involved in the accident are employed in two companies – one from the branch and another from the production of paper products.

According to the PRC, the crash was caused by a clash between two Canadian heavyweight heavyweight companies Figueira da Foz and Renova, Torres Novas, who eventually included another lightweight vehicle on Canas, which was followed by two passengers, 29 and 62, who did not sustained injuries and died on the spot.

The 40-year-old colleague from the same company was slightly injured, while the 49-year-old driver was seriously injured.

After the alert, delivered at 2:47 am, a large mobile contingent of facilitation personnel was quickly mobilized, with medical teams from the hospital center of the West, firefighters from Penichhe and Óbidos corporations and an INEM helicopter landing at IP6 for seriously injured in the hospital in Santa Maria, in Lisbon. The wounded were taken to Kaldas to Rhine Hospital.

The traffic was interrupted by early night to remove vehicles and clean up the debris, with road transport being redirected to EN114.

He dies hitchhiking to his father
Miguel Fonseca, 21, just took his father to work and returned home this Friday morning when the tragedy hit him.

For reasons that are not yet clear, the young man's car attacked the opposite pavement, following the EN211 curve at Ataíde, Amarante, and violently crashed into a vegetable truck. He died on the spot. The boy was immigrated to Luxembourg and had a return scheduled for Saturday.

Roads kill 137 people
Just this year, and Easter on Sunday, 137 people lost their lives after accidents on Portuguese roads. In the same period of 2018, fewer people died (131). In this worrying statistics, there were 562 serious injuries (504 in 2018). Porto is the most fatal area (16), followed by Braga (15) and Aveyero (13).

Conductor records
The video saved by the driver allows you to see the moment when one of the trucks leaves its tape and encounters the other, pressing the companion that follows in the rear. The bus makes a maneuver not to be switched on.

Arrested victims
The fall was so violent that the victims were stuck in the van that they were tracking down and were deprived of. Colleagues in shock helped removing the tools that went inside.

There are no accidents
IP6 users have no memory of accidents with this seriousness in the zone. Assistant Sergeant Barreiro Navalho, of the GNR de Leiria, confirms that "there is no record of accidents with this violence."

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