Wednesday , April 21 2021

The video shows aggression between Neymar and a model that accused him of raping

Neymar was charged with sexually abusing a model in Paris, France, something he had denied from the start.

This Wednesday, the 5th day, in the event several events after the Record City City Alert program appeared, to reveal the picture showing the moment when the player and the model are discussing.

However, the video from the place where the image was shot proved to be a social networking virus (look at the gallery).

According to the Brazilian press, the father of the athlete will confirm the truthfulness of the pictures, emphasizing that they prove the innocence of the son. "The picture speaks for itself. People can see that it is a trap," he said in the program statements.

He describes himself that Neymar just tried to defend himself because the woman in question wanted to attack him with a bottle.

However, this week, Neymar suffered a missing ligament on his right leg, leaving him out of the South American Biggest Cup competition, Copa America.

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