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The rebellion of the sacrifices – above all the one who really loves the T-shirt (the Tondel-Benfica Chronicle) – the observer


Some white handkerchiefs in Jamor, lots of white handkerchiefs in the light of Moreirense, the same number of white handkerchiefs on the nose at Ajax reception. Rui Vitoria has gone through the most negative phase since coming to Benfica, and the challenge has become more and more harmonious with the increase in bad incarnation results. After arriving in Tondela four more meetings were held without winning – the worst series ever since he came from V. Guimarães to replace Jorge Jesus in 2015. And if in the first games the information that appeared in the sports press that was total confidence in recovery still persisted, now led even the most believers to sprain their nose. At the end of the 3-0 win in Coimbra with Sertanense there were no wins.

During the week, as well as statements made at the end of home defeat against Moreirense, Grimaldo continued to receive criticism through social networks, but the eagle trainer is the main object of the contest. With six titles won in the first three seasons, several commentators ask: Will you become a victim or the culprit of the moment? Justifications, more than many, as usual on these occasions, can make the answer go in one way or another, but in the part that only talks about football, it is true that the nominee for the Benfica title has always failed. Was it in the attack, with a very low percentage that led to the losers in the last two League matches; or in the midst of help, without the splendor of the beginning of the season, which is passed on to other sectors; or in defense, with a few goals lost in the passages.

The results are always the main barometer to equate the possible result of the trainer, but there are other more or less noticeable indications that are easily detected by people who drive and have already entered. In particular, or at the forefront, the attitude, will and delivery of players to the meeting. The team that crossed the series of negatives may lose another game and decide to keep the coach correctly or break the record and still without a coach. All because a good decision always has more than a single factor in consideration. "Are the players with me? For me it's clear like water." – assured the trainer at the press conference, announcing the match in Tondela.

"We have a very united group, with a clear conviction that we all must be united. If we are not united from an external point of view, we must be united internally. We are all involved in the same idea. Players and we all have this awareness. I have a great guarantee, because in reality the way we worked and the message we transmit when playing in Ajax gives me tips that we're going to Tondela to win. Pressure? It's the same as when I got here and you have to believe it's how I live. I am enthusiastic about my work, I represent a great club and it will be until the last day. I had many good and successful moments, this is life in football, "he added in a conversation before he set out on the stage of Tondela, which marked the end of this negative series.

Without injured Jardela and injured Salvio, Rui Vitória had no alternative and moved the first team, as it was two months ago. And he changed more than he was obliged: thanks to Conti in connection with Reuben Diaz and Rafa on the right side of the attack, Pizzi regained his place, which probably should not cease to be his center, leaving Gedson Fernandes (not Gabriel) with the bank Moreover, the total healing of Jonasz was confirmed – and how it still does. Especially after the disastrous start with your own goal in the first minute (Specifically, 41 seconds of play …), which left Rui Vitória in disbelief, hand in hand, and shakes her head in the substitute bench.

Anything that could be the first target on this trip to Tondela would be bad; everything that was supposed to suffer during the first quarter of an hour would be very bad; everything that was supposed to suffer in the first minute would be … unthinkable. But it happened, with great merit, Murillo, who got right glued to the line, managed to accelerate Grimaldo always the ball stuck in the foot and crossed the entrance of Xavier, who pressed Conti on a defective cut for his own mark (1 & # 39;). Vlachodimos still has not touched the ball and has already suffered, but Claudio Ramos, the equivalent of Tondela, also did not laugh: even in the first ten minutes, André Almeida had another jump on the right flank (and whenever it happened, there was a danger) and hit the right Jonas' side, Tondel's horror – scored in all games – which was associated with the first attack incarnated on the opposite target (9 & # 39;). He returned to the first. Or one.

The meeting had an electric start, but eventually it calmed down. What else, so that both groups knew each other and realized how they would approach the meeting. When they understood, they freed their weapons, used opposing weaknesses and put two warning signals in constant danger shortly before half an hour: Rafa, again rushing to Joãoozinho on the right side of the attack, entered the area knowing that he could not touch it and hit the post (28 & # 39;); it was then that Ricardo Costa, using the marking error to the area incorporated into the stopped balls, appeared on the other pole, but would turn away far (29 & # 39;); then again Rafa, fired into the depths of the motorcycle, when the direct opponent wandered, wailing at the moment of the shot (who came out very, very unhappy, 31 & # 39;); in the end, Bruno Bruno left Grimaldo to the ground with deception, crossed himself broadly, Murillo handed the hat to Vlachodimos, and Conti rode the line (37 & # 39;).

Benfica had 45 minutes to stop the crisis, to cross the border of selection with greater stability, to repair the bad (and there are things that still fail and which have not failed) and to have a confirmation word. And this manifestation eventually reached the feet of two players who were "scratched" during the break of the game with Moreirense: André Almeida and Pizzi. First of all, the first one who had the captain's armband today, embodies the rebellion of the incarnate and embodies this concept of love in the sweater of the one who suffers as an adept in bad times. This can be expected from the side mid-wing catcher: maybe he is not the most virtuoso player in the world, he is not, but leaves everything he has in the field and can positively spread everyone around him.

At the first sign of danger, André Almeida was there to connect with Pizzi to shoot the post from the middle (50 & # 39;). Benfica was even more urgent and she bets that soon there will be a change, which would be even easier when David Bruno saw two yellow cards in just four minutes, and Tondela reduced to ten, and Pepa relinquished one of the units that placed the game before the next line of four defense lines (55 & # 39;). However, because there are no immediate solutions for this kind of change during the match, and also that Xavier saw Vlachodimos, who created a huge defense in one of the few opportunities in the first half (59 & # 39;), Seferović came in and one of the first few times touched the ball, he aimed 2-1, touching in a small area after new help from the inevitable André Almeida (64 & # 39;).

For the benefit of another unit in the field, Benfica had all the conditions to do what she did not do from the Portugal Cup match with Sertanense in Coimbra: control, own, circulate, set the time of the game. Later he will achieve this, but he has not yet got rid of the fear that he would be able to discover the psychological instability that the team goes through the phase with less achieved results – Xavier, isolated from Vlachodimos only with the goal in front of him, tried to bend so much that the ball went right next to him, in that which would be the last breath of Pep's set (72 & # 39;). Shortly after that, Rafa condemned the winner: a great pass from Pizzi in the central zone to isolate the striker who only had to choose the side to defeat Cláudio Ramos in the goal, who was waiting to sign the contract with VAR (75 & # 39;). From that time, Tondela's task was almost impossible, and it was worse when Ikar, with the reckless entry, was sent (85 & # 39;).

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