Friday , October 22 2021

The President of ARS inaugurates the Family Health Unit



The Villa Romana Family Health Unit (USF) in Rio Maior will be inaugurated on the following Monday, November 12 at 11.00, during the ceremony with the participation of the President of the Regional Health Administration in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (ARS-LVT), Luís Pisco.

"With a total of 7,196 clients, the creation of the USF allows the family doctor to obtain 3.563 citizens," explains the ARS-LVT press release, adding that the new USF consists of four doctors, five nurses and two clinical secretaries, providing health care "every day working hours, from 8 to 19 hours ".

This new unit, part of the Lezíria Health Center Team (ACES), will operate in the Rio Maior Health Center building, in facilities that have undergone improvements of 61,500 euros.

In the same building, a tailored healthcare unit (UCSP), USF Salinas, a social welfare unit (UCC), a public health unit (USP) and psychology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, cardio-pneumatic, radiological and dental.

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