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The Pet Hospital is celebrating its 10th anniversary with activities for everyone

At program on activities, which takes place next Saturday and Sunday on Thursday Marim, in Olho, aims to showcase "the work that is done every day," discovered Fabia Azevedo, saying that for ten years they entered center more than 14 thousand animals.

On Saturday there will be & # 39;biologist& # 39 ;, activity where purpose is to awaken and identify the largest number of species of fauna and flora in a particular place, a day that ends with world dances and concerts with Gallop and free land.

The week will be open day, with participants able to assist the team in the tasks of the center, as well as workshops on nature photography, field design, restoring nature, building hotels for insects, houses are nests or whistles and bait.

From 2009 to last week The center received 14,137 animals, of which 11,305 were "alive" and 5,572 (50%) were returned to the wild, a percentage "quite satisfactory given the figures obtained from national centers".noted Fabia Azevedo.

During these ten years an evolution in the idea of ​​conservation has taken place, with the center implementing "over 3,000 actions in raising awareness, 65,000 more people were involved, "many of whom were returning animals," which means a lot, "he underlined.

"Who releases a eagle or hawk, don't forget that moment and go sharewith family and friends, "notes the biologist, considering these actions if reflect number of animals delivered to the center.

This number "is increasing every year" and by 2019 "already exceeds 2,000", a reflection of which "know the center" increasingly, leading it to say that "awareness is the most important thing for RIAS".

However, the most complicated is the financial component, Fabia Azevedo, adding that ANA – Portuguese airports guarantee half of downtown budgetbut for the other 40,000 euros "a lot of imagination is needed".

Partnerships with the municipality of Olhoo, County where it is based, among other entities, as well as sponsoring campaigns, activities, public training and donations "help keep the center going".

Partnerships are being studied with other municipalities inthe volume a public service "providing the center", such as detection disease and treatment of animals, ”says the biologist.

The first years were essentially dedicated to the recovery of the center's equipment, only then was it possible to focus on "consolidating the technical team", establishing and implementing protocols, and improving the technical level.

More recently it may be possible for the center to "devote more" to scientific research and environmental awareness ", the latter being" the focal point of the next ten years ".

Being a hospital for wildlife is "not like the day" claims Fabia, which is surprising every day with new situations, such as "killing storks and animals kept in illegal captivity", which "always seems to come true".

The animals electric it is difficult to treat and rehabilitate, however, two eagles who suffered burns, one of which was marked with locatorthree or four days later "was already on his migration to Africa, which was surprising, "he concludes.

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