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The invisibility Cloak already exists and promises to hide soldiers and buildings

Hyperstealth of Canada designs material called Quantum Stealth that can hide people and objects, such as the Harry Potter invisibility cloak. Patents have already been filed.

It's one of humanity's oldest dreams: to hide in plain sight. This improves the ability to infiltrate banned sites – in the style of espionage – but also the military industry.

The Canadian company Vancouver-based Hyperstelt, which specializes in camouflage, showed this month the result of its patent, which is still pending in New Scientist magazine. In the video, this kind of invisible screen that was developed bends the light to make things disappear. It can be used to hide tanks or troops, and even to remove intrusive buildings from the landscape.

In a recent video presented by Hyperstelt, it appears that a blank mass behind a bright background is later apparent as the camera hides a helmet and a figure. Hyperstealth has been developing this material called Quantum Stealth since 2011, but what seemed like impossible claims at the time now seems to be a reality.

In a statement, the company (Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.) explains in more detail that it has filed four patent applications, all related to its Quantum Stealth (called lightweight glue), also known as the Invisibility Cloak. "The information contained in the four patents was published, including more than 100 minutes of videos demonstrating the available prototypes. [estão todos no site da empresa]"It said in a statement.

Guy Kramer, president and CEO of Hyperstellt is also the inventor of the four patent applications and explains some details: "True invisibility was considered impossible by most physicists. The Quantum Stealth material not only hides the visible spectrum of the target, but we also demonstrate that it also works with ultraviolet, normal and short infrared waves, while also blocking the thermal spectrum, making it a truly "invisible cloak around the world". line "".

Other details that can be known from the press release are that no power source is needed and the material is thin and inexpensive. "It can hide face, vehicle, ship, spaceships and buildings," and the patent covers a total of 13 versions of the material, providing different configurations. "A Quantum Stealth piece can work in any environment, in any season, at any time of day or night, something that no other camouflage can do," is guaranteed.

The second patent application is the new "Solar Panel Amplifier", which uses the same lens-shaped material, an essential component of the four patents. The company points out that the material has been shown to provide more than three times the panel production of the same thickness. Guy Kramer claims that he also uses this material as a more efficient solar panel, making it much more feasible at latitude and away from Ecuador.

The third patent application is called "Display System" and is designed to be able to produce holographic images using an electric projector, so you may be able to reproduce the surrounding environment as holograms as if we were somewhere else. "Star Trek Holodek is closer," the company said in a statement.

The fourth patent application is called Laser Dispersion, Deviation and Manipulation: In the videos, Guy demonstrates the division of a single laser into more than 3,888,000 smaller lasers. What can you do with so many lasers, the company asks? They can be accessories to the LIDAR system such as those used in autonomous cars that typically use a laser, a rotating mirror and an optical receiver to determine the surrounding environment.

Lifting millions of them "should enable high resolution over very long distances, allowing computers to detect dangerous situations or objects much faster, allowing for much safer traffic to vehicles, pedestrians and animals along roads."

The company has ambitious dreams suggesting that technology can also enable aircraft tracking and tracking and will operate conventional or stealthy long-range guerrillas deployed in a guerrilla environment "allowing unprecedented details of troops to indicate the location of the opposing equipment. , regardless of their location. camouflage attempts. "

It remains to be seen how the various patents are developed and which companies can develop them for concrete products, closely related to the US military seeking such solutions. Company requirements may also lead to new specific rules for the use of this type of equipment.

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