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the differences between the versions and the promise of Pete Lau

OnePlus 7 is certainly the most anticipated Android smartphone at the moment. Between the leak of information, rumors and many speculations, we need to stick to the specific data. In that sense, we are now evoking the statements of CEO Pete Lau, as well as the new exclusive, full of images from both versions.

Equally likely, is the existence of a ready-made version for 5G, in addition to the Pro version and the base version.

OnePlus 7 Pro Android smartphone Pete Lau

Thus, taking into account the publication of Pete Lau in his profile from Twitter, we believe that the release date of OnePlus 7 will be revealed. Therefore, it's not long before to know exactly when the OnePlus 6T heirs (or successors) arrive in the last days of October 2018.

Pete Lau pronounces "new device"

In fact, even if the Internet already indicates May 14 as a likely date of filing, an official confirmation is needed. So, we are really curious to know exactly what Pete Lau will reveal next Wednesday (17). There, in its publication, the CEO recognizes the enthusiasm that already surrounds this smartphone.

I know that guys are happy to receive news about the new device. Wait for the news of my release next Wednesday. Pitt Lau on Twitter on April 15th.

Therefore, tomorrow we can confirm the date of presenting the new device. Your name? At this point all the rumors point to the OnePlus 7 smartphone. A device which, in turn, can come along with new versions – OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. But for now they are just rumors.

The next Android smartphone, OnePlus 7

We are considering the possibility of opening three devices. The core version, according to its predecessor, should be about 5550 euros. However, the Pro version should have a selective label, with the 5G version being set even higher, but again for now, the values ​​are not defined.

And if Pete Lau's statements are quite confusing, we have a new source filled with information, videos and pictures. As in the past, the person responsible for Twitter @onleaks, in cooperation with the Pricebaba store, gives us digital high-quality Android smartphone features plus video.

The critique of the bilingual launch of smartphones can be read between the lines of Steve Hemmerstoff, co-founder of the repository Slashleaks. In fact, the basic version (standard) on the smartphone Oneplus 7 seems to be identical to OnePlus 6T, launched less than 6 months ago.

We have all physical components at the same location. From the notification button, the On / Off button and the On / Off button. The lower edge is one speaker, the USB port type C and the main microphone. Already, on the other hand, we have only a secondary microphone in the lower edge.

The basic version of OnePlus 7 is slightly different from 6T

Respecting its predecessor, the new Android smartphone can be 157.7mm tall, 74.8mm wide, and 8.1mm thick. In addition, we continue to have a glass finish with a glossy finish here – The mirror is black. Even your main camera will continue to be dual.

In fact, even if your specifications are updated with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 855, its design reflects its predecessor and even the drop-shaped water gap. Then we can see the gallery of pictures, with various artistic representations of this Android smartphone.

Digital plays (does) or display the product, show us their possible design. Although we can not prove, or deny, exactly seems, in the past, these performances proved to be reliable. Therefore, this is likely to be an effective basic version of OnePlus 7.

The big difference in design between OnePlus 7 and 6T can be the size of the screen. In this sense, the new smartphone can come with a 6.2 inches panel, compared to 6.41 "from the current 6T. Additionally, you will continue to use a full-featured, full-screen OLED screen full-screen OLED display.

What to expect from OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone?

The fingerprint reader built into the screen will be transverse to the three versions of this new Android smartphone. By the way, the same can be said for your screen, although the dimensions may vary depending on the version. In that sense, the highest versions, without a notch on the screen, will have a larger panel.

The Snapdragon 855 processor, with 7 nm lithography, will also be present in the highest versions. Regarding RAM, we now have 8 to 10 GB, without rejecting the hypothesis for this value to extend to 12 GB. Moreover, its internal storage, without expansion, can now be increased to 512 GB.

However, the most characteristic feature of the OnePlus 7 Pro and the 5G version should be its front camera that can be pulled out. In fact, this pop-up, can be mediated by an electric motor for lifting the photographic module. Equally noticeable is its possible 16 MP resolution.

The three versions will bring OxygenOS based on Android Pie 9.0

At the same time, we also have a triple camera on the back. So, we can have the first sensor of 48 MP, second of 20 MP, and one third of 5 MP. In summary, the pledge doubled to the photo in the Pro version of this smartphone on Android.

At the same time, we have 4000 mAh battery, or 4150 mAh capacity, as well as the quick input of Warp Charge. However, charging wirelessly will not be one of the trumpets. Of course, unless Pete Lau changed his mind. In addition, we will not yet be certified for IP68.

We are now waiting for Pete Lau's announcement tomorrow. However, we can enjoy this video by referring to the base version of the smartphone.

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