Wednesday , June 16 2021

Technological scholarships for tram tracks for one-month crashes. Portuguese interest increases for the 12th session – markets

Markets in numbers

PSI-20 falls 0.61% to 4,873.84 points

Stockholm 600 loses 0.49% to 353.37 points

Nikkei depreciates 1.09% to 21,583.12 points

The 10-year debt of Portugal has risen by 1.3 percent to 1,999%

Euro is unchanged at $ 1.1454

London's oil falls 0.57% to $ 66.41 a barrel

European stock markets have been in touch for nearly a month

European stock markets are trading lower for the fifth consecutive session, pulled out of the sharp devaluation of the tech sector that has punished Wall Street and the main Asian markets. The move was prompted by Apple, which lost 4% after it was announced that the company had broken the requirements for the production of three iPhone models released in September.

The news increased Apple's smartphone demand for demand, sharply penalizing stock market operations, which ended with dragging the entire sector.

It is precisely the companies in the technology sector that most contribute to the decline in Europe today, along with companies in the chemical sector. The benchmark for Europe, Stoxx600, fell by 0.49% to 353.37 points, having already reached its lowest level since October 26.

In Lisbon, the PSI-20 fell 0.61% to 4,873.84 points, mainly fined by Jernimo Martins and BCP. Retailers fall 1.55% to 10.47 euros, while BCP falls 1.33% to 24.47 cents.

The Portuguese interest is rising for the 12th session

The interest for the 10-year debt in Portugal is increasing Tuesday, November 20, for the 12th consecutive session, after already hitting 2%, the highest since October 24.

The Portuguese debts are also accompanied by a deterioration in most eurozone countries, especially in Italy, where interest rates rose by 10.8 basis points to 3,706%. In Spain, they rose by 0.5 points by 1.65%, and in Germany they fell 1.1 points to 0.362%.

The dollar continues to fall

The US currency is worried about the third consecutive session, fined with data released Monday, showing that feelings among construction business owners saw the biggest drop in a month more than four and a half years in November.

Contribution to the crisis is still commented by several representatives of the Federal Reserve last week, which has raised concerns about the global economic slowdown.

Oil is punished with Russia

The oil is continually falling on Tuesday, punished with comments by the Russian energy minister, who said on Monday that it may be too early to reduce the production of this raw material.

The comments contrast with Saudi Arabia's position, which recently decided to cut its bid, even before OPEC's decision on the level of exit expected on December 6th.

At the time, West Tech Intermediate (WTI), traded in New York, fell 0.37% to $ 56.99, while Brent, traded in London, lost 0.57% to $ 66.41 .

Gold with the highest earnings since January

Contrary to the fall of the dollar, gold is rising for the sixth consecutive session, the longest increase since January. Yellow metal has benefited from fears of a trade war and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, prompting investors to seek funds that are considered safer.

At that time, gold gained 0.05% to $ 2224.76, while silver depreciated by 0.11% to $ 14.4103.

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