Monday , October 25 2021

Silvano and 138 euros


The world is what it is, not what we want. But whoever does not like who he is is obliged to fight for him to change, or at least not submit. Rui Rio, at least since he was a PSD leader, showed what is coming. He confessed, for example, that he did not want to adapt to what the information cycle had become. In particular, almost the obligation to comment on everything all the time.

The point is that he and his nearest circles may not do this, but there is a sector that must be fed and social networks in which reactions are immediate.

I speak for myself, I had to speak professionally about José Silvano. The data was in front of me, the sources had a reputable origin and I expected that there would be a reaction from people who were interrogated. The main leaders were silent and silent, Jose Silvano issued a statement that left everything in the same, and Rui Rio, with contempt, practiced his German.

At the time, I thought that this event fits like a bloody campaign that some PSD MPs are doing in the current direction and part of the press that seems to have no other program than to attack Rui Rio. violation of clear ethics and, promising the former mayor a dictated bath, the Secretary General could not be kept from society. It would be a case in which the campaign hit the target.

Of course, not only me. Just go through social networks, listen to and read what has been said, and everything is full of accusations of hypocrisy in Rio, jokes about it, reflection on PSD status and comments – perfectly justified in circumstances known until then, let's say a terrible effect he would have the entire political class.

We had to come on Friday to see what actually happened. José Silvano did not try to cheat anyone, he did not try to get funds he was not entitled to, and he did what every MP does with a certain regularity: to miss the plenary session, because he does political work elsewhere – which, being Silvano also secretary – is even more justified.

Rui Rio has made several mistakes, and his leadership is far from being successful. But I do not remember that the leader of the PSD series was the target of such a cruel campaign

It happened that someone, duly authorized, entered his computer at the Assembly of the Republic, and because Parliament's services automatically accept the presence of an MP when he joins his terminal, presence was marked. Should we be careful and the Member should report this access to services? Maybe. But it really was a simple working procedure, access to the necessary materials that were on the colleague's computer. The full explanation given by Emília Cerqueira unexpectedly leaves no doubt as to what happened.

However, even after the deputy's explanation, there were those who did not change the line of what they had previously defended. Between the conspiracy claims, which suggested that Silvano – whose seriousness was never questioned by anyone and has a flawless political program – asked someone to register his presence, put in a pocket of 138 euros and a credible and logical explanation of who already worked as a team (It was almost funny to see how many people say they never shared it password), there were those who chose what the secretary-general of the PSD chose as an artist who did not hesitate to question his career for the five kings of honey. By the way, was anyone wondering if there were more times when Mr. Silvano was absent and was reported to him? I just needed 138 euros, right?

There are those who discredit the political class in this story, but it is not José Silvano or Emilia Cerqueira.

In this case, there is nothing new. The same communication errors Rui Rio and his team, and maybe the refusal to start the dizziness of our time.

Also no one knows that there is a well-organized and unscrupulous campaign against Rui Rio.

Only someone very naïve can imagine that it was not colleague José Silvano who gave the information to the media. There are many PSD deputies – those who speak to the newspapers in excludedwho are shocked – whose only goal is to quickly remove the party president, and if it is not possible, assume that he has a bad election result. They forget that this result could undermine the very existence of the PSD as a party to power or, possibly, even destroy it build a right-wing movement following the example of some of the MPs who occupy seats on the Social Democrats.

Also only the perfect innocent can ignore sanha, with which some media attack the current PSD leadership – and not only, unfortunately, alt-right Portuguese It is almost every day and everything is an excuse to challenge this.

Ethical baths are short, and discourses have many risks – that's why we can not demand the same rules from others that we require of ourselves – and PSD communication still wants to live in a world that no longer exists: Rio works for television programs in the 1980s and we live in tweet. But in this episode, the attempt to draw conclusions about the possible ethical flaws of Rui Rio or a loved one is clearly abusive.

Rui Rio has made several mistakes, and his leadership is far from being successful. But I do not remember that the PSD leader was running such a cruel campaign, and it is not worth remembering how violent the internal and external campaigns are often against the leaders of this party.

Dr. Miguel Relvas will find out

There are coincidences … In the week in which Silvano takes place, Dr. Miguel Relvas seems to be giving an interview. In fact, the consultant – not quite sure what – has a special ability to appear when a problem occurs in the PSD.

This time in an interview for Expressoin addition to the usual goals, the worst possible Rui Rio, to prove life, to suggest that he still commands the PSD and that he is the patron of some form, it came to say that Luis Montenegro is the next PSD leader, but not well. Apart from trying to burn Luis Montenegro – who was the front opponent, but always serious for Rio – he came to announce that Passos Coelho returned. As Miguel Relvas put it, it could have led some people to think that whoever said it did not really talk about any madness that came to his mind.

Trump's standardization

Donald Trump might not have won a significant victory in the middle election in the United States, but it was enough that he was institutionalized. This means that Trump and his racism, his xenophobia, hatred for everything he does not like, his campaign against journalism, his blatant lies, his contempt for the environment, has become an important political alternative to the Americans. And it happened after he proved that everything that was in the election campaign was the president. This means that Americans really want this speech and these rules. It was not a mistake.

Trump's normalization also has damage dealt by injuries: show elsewhere that speech can not only win the election, but also maintain power. Trump's victory was not great, but the defeat of liberals, moderate outside, was brutal.

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