Sunday , April 18 2021

SIC! Claudio Ramos in "agony" after the new talk about bloating – Television

The motto was given on Thursday, when Christina Ferreira began to talk about bloating, and she received a form from this Friday, already with Dr. Almeida Nune in the studio. Once again, Claudio Ramos proved himself not very satisfied with the conversation and admitted that he feels "agony" with what began to pass through his mind.

"You do not know, Doctor, I have agony … I imagine the people doing it all together in the subway," they shot the "neighbor", the conversation with Almeida Nunez and Cristina Ferreira in the morning format he was leading. The doctor who regularly visits the program said that it is normal for people to release gas ten times a day.

This Thursday, I remember, Cristina Ferreira asked Claudio Ramos if she often does. He was upset and even pretended to leave the studio.

So I remember:

Cristina Ferreira asks Claudio if she spends a lot of gases and this pretends to leave the program

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