Tuesday , June 22 2021

Samsung works on the Galaxy S10 with 6 cameras, giant screen and 5G

A Samsung will make authentic "All-In" on the market of smartphones! However, on Huawei is gaining market share and even surpassing Apple, is now the second-largest mobile phone maker.

That said, the company has already implemented its plan #Reconquista during the SDC 2018, where it has discovered a prototype of folding mobile phone! In addition, and perhaps even more interesting, they presented new screen designs that will be used in the next generation of smartphones, namely the Galaxy S10.

However, it may take some time before the first smartphone with which of these technologies comes into the market … Which of course does not mean that we have to sit aside watching the clock in the room! Also, because what is not lacking in the industry are rumors about the Galaxy S10.

By the way, even the famous Wall Street Journal, released today confirmed that Samsung does not work in three, but in four versions of its next most powerful smartphone.

Galaxy S10 com

Well, as you would expect, there will be some differences between the four versions. Like the one who jumps the most, the screen size.

Three of the four mobile phones will have screens ranging from 5.8 "to 6.4" … But, intimately, the most powerful device will have a 6.7 "super-screen and, of course, support for Next Generation 5G Although 5G takes a long time to reach the market … Mobile network providers are finally betting on the spread of antennas.

And so, if Samsung can really implement support for the 5G networks of the Galaxy S10 … It may be the first maker of the 5G mobile phone on the market.

In short, unfortunately, we will still have to wait a little longer while these features, and others, do not confirm … Probably until February, where the Galaxy S10 should be presented at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona.


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