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Samsung Galaxy A90 – the first mobile phone brand with a pop up camera

Have you ever thought about using an Android phone with the front camera? Then you may be interested in the next bet on the South Korean giant Samsung Galaxy A90, one of the next releases.

The world's largest mobile device manufacturer has several product and segment segments to meet different needs, budgets and market specificities. Among them, in the middle of the range we find the brightest products.

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In other words, in this middle segment, Samsung dares to test new forms and, consequently, assess their acceptance on the market. As an example, we can mention the new Galaxy M20, the first Samsung to bring the notch.

Get ready for the next Samsung mobile phone

Now, according to information posted on Twitter, more specifically by the person responsible for the account @Iceuniverse, we will have a new Samsung mobile phone extremely marvelous. This is a proven source of confidentiality.

Then we can see its publication where the source repeats the absence of the notch at the top of the screen. Nor will we have a perforated screen to fit your front camera. Therefore, we will have a really complete overview of this Samsung Galaxy A90.

However, its most sensitive characteristic will be the hidden frontal chamber, hidden in its metal structure. This, by pressing a button, should be easily accessible through an electric hoist mechanism.

A popup camera on the Samsung Galaxy A90?

We've already found more than a mobile phone with a mechanically similar system. In fact, Vivo NEX was the first mobile phone to bring this feature to market without it, you can see how it works.

In short, according to the claims of this already respected source, the next Samsung mobile phone for the middle segment can explore this approach. Something that will undoubtedly release the entire screen of the phone.

The coating of new formats and solutions

If it really exists, the Samsung Galaxy A90 shows us that the brand is ready to explore new formats and ideas. Without fear of the market, the South Korean giant is more than ever ready to confirm its leadership.

Something that will mean new products, new ideas that need to be implemented and, ultimately, a greater diversity of supply to the final consumer. However, we do not know in which markets this mobile phone will be distributed.

And, finally, we still do not have any other information regarding their technical characteristics or specifications. We can only guide you through the current Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20.

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