Monday , June 14 2021

Sales of electric cars with "exponential" growth this year in Portugal – Observer

Electric car sales in Portugal this year registered "exponential" growth, State Secretary for Aid and Mobility Jose Gomez Mendes said. According to officials, "for every 100 cars sold, more than five are already electric", "growth that will start to be exponential".

"Electric vehicles have been sold by September this year, more than last year," said José Gomez Mendes at Guarda at the opening of the conference "Sustainable Urban Mobility" which promoted the Chamber Place.

Speaking to the agency, Luso, at the end of the intervention, the state secretary assumed that sales figures for electric vehicles "are very satisfactory." "The rate of penetration of electric and hybrid vehicles plug-in, compared with the total number of vehicles sold, by September this year, is already 5.4%, so that every year more than doubles. It is an exponential growth. "

According to the official, the script "means that ordinary Portuguese already see that there are advantages to using zero-emission vehicles and are therefore declared", which it regards as "good news for mobility in Portugal". We [Governo] we have a goal, in 2040, all new vehicles sold in Portugal are vehicles with zero emission or [de] very low emissions. With the advancement of people who have joined the depleted mobility, I believe that this goal will be achieved much before 2040, "he said.

Jose Gomez Mendez recalled that there are already incentives to buy electric vehicles that will be held and "rising" in the next state budget, and in 2019, "for the first time, an incentive to buy electric bikes" will be introduced.

The government also invests in the national network of fast and semi-fast loaders, he said. The Council of the Municipality of Guarda organizes this conference on the topic "Sustainable Urban Mobility", within the project "Conferences of the Guard", which includes the presentation of the "Project Pedova / Ciklovija grada Gvarda".

"It's very reformist, I think it's very important in a city that is not quite flat, as we all know, but we have to act to ease this mobility and do it in a sustainable way," said Alvaro Amaro (PSD).

During the work, topics such as "From the social territories of mobility to the design of soft modes" and "Prospective analysis for the reorganization of traffic and parking in the city of Guard and the Municipal Road Plan 2040" were discussed.

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