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PS I haven't heard anything about Costa de CDS, though

Socialist Miguel Coelho, ex-deputy and president of the Santa Maria Maior Junta de Freguesia, in Lisbon, also reportedly abducted Antonio Costa to join Joaquim Elias, a CDS militant and ex-autist. This is a Costa Rican vote for the PS "independently of the vote" and of any other socialist voters. Entretanto, o PS aunciou que vai for the crime process but differing from homem que o the socialista quase agrediu esta tarde. To find out more about mega-noite chegasse and reflexive diary, Miguel Coelho has posted a Facebook post below:

"Whatever the policy is: this is what the CDS autographs, José Elias chama, the antithesis of São José and the CDS assessor at the Assembleia Municipal. It is now available ….. A senhora Cristas devia, ainda hoje, apresentar publicamente desculpas ao Antonio Costa ".

CDS knows that Joaquim Elias is not a militant

Jo Gono Gonçalves Pereira, director of the Campaign of Assunção Cristas and the leader of Lisbon, did not express his views on the Elias militant group (except the embarrassment), sorry for the lack of support – we apologize for the "nervousness" of the PS.

"Confirm that you are a militant and the author of the CDS on AML," said João Gonçalves Pereira. There is no CDS file: "If the PS conceives itself as a militant, it does not have to be a PS or outer party. It does not have a CDS and does not have the tempo", says Expresso.

"This is an example of nervousness but part of Antonio Costa's de PS", acusa Gonçalves Pereira. "Or the normal period of time is the tensile wave, such that the acoustic current is the sum of the waves or the quartet will only pass through an outer quadrant which will not be attenuated by the tidal wave of Antonio Costa."

Quando abordou António Costa, Joaquim Elias as if he were just a socialist, as if he were "reluctant" to vote for PS, but Costa is now in "financial trouble" with no tragedy yet in 2017, in Pedro Grande. "É mentira, é mentira", responded to António Costa, no crescendo exaltación, acabando quase aos gritos. "Não esteve presente", insistiu o cidadão. Mas Costa não o deixou prosseguir. And the cost of the voltmeter before the homem com arises and the amount of traffic per se sepro priosprios seguranças.

We declareçoes ao Expresso, Miguel Coelho qua a sua primeira sensação foi: "Conheço esta cara". The wind will beat the dunes of Lisbon. "Come get a phone call from the territory and consulate of chegar las. It has a charge of 15 minutes on the Memorial to the Srego José Freguesia, elsewhere on CDS." It has been tested by preparatory initiatives, "as is the case with the PS / Lisboa conclave." [e secretário de Estado dos Assuntos Parlamentares] is known ", admite a Expresso, guaranteeing that the fare of Antonio Costa is beyond the reach of any provocation or incident.

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