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Por cas os de syphilis nos par crescer no Brasil

O aumento dos casos de sífilis, transmitting infective sexual intercourse, alerting medics and servicemen with no access. So in 2018, we have 158 051 episodes of all kinds of questions, whether or not you want to have sex with you. This number is equal to an average of 433 media per dia.

In 2017 it was 28.3%, or the highest rate ever. It passed 59.1 in front of 75.8 registrations but 100 miles of habitats in the Ministério da Saúde. Before the idea, we had an essay in 2015 of 34.1 casos but 100 miles.

More than half of the respondents reported being between 20 and 29 members (35.1%), with a group of 30 to 39 members (21.5%). Mas, segundo o ministério, houve um incremento da detecção em todas as faixas etárias.

Um dos motos para essa alta é that is jovens in the valoram of preservative. “As a matter of fact, there are no contraindications, no portions of the aids, no more than a mere genteel, hoj tem tematamento. 70% of brasileiros usam camisinha is justifiable and justified in transmitting sexually transmitted infections, ”the gynecologist and vice-president of Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein, Sergio Podgaec, said.

No 2018, as well as realizing that DKT International's preservatives are manufactured with 1 500 brasileiros identifiable by 47% of jovens between 14 and 24 years in cost of a camisinha before reloading sex. Here are the results of this 2016 survey of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) com 102 301 on 14 and 15 years, representing 66.2% utilization of the relevant data.

“O es as pessoas esquecem is a camisinha protege não só contra aids. It has been shown to be effective in preventing syphilis, HPV, gonorrhea and chlamydia, alert and medically.

Causada pela bactéria Treponema Pallidum, a syphilis desencadeia quatro estágios diferentes. No prime time, let alone genital region, ânus ou boca. No seguinte, no mannequin pele comumente associadas a febr, de cabeça e curtain de peso. Muitas vezes, essas cerlceras são confundidas com allergies.

“A phase I doança is a women. Ela pode causar danos ao coração e relativo central nervous system ”, explica Podgaec.

A situação da sífilis, estado por estado

Casos de syphilis por estado

(Fonte: Ministério da Saúde / Divulgação)

Santa Catarina is a major tax detention center located in the suburbs of Ministério da Saúde. In front of 100 miles of habitat, 164.1 have a canopy. No total, são 11 611 infectados.

No contram Alo, Alagoas est indo menus: 16.1 para 100 mil pessoas, totalizando 535 casos.

No Sudeste, the Indian suburb of Minas Gerais, com 68.3 casos within 100 miles of habitat, just off São Paulo, on a taxi of 82.1. Entrée 2010 (quando notificações se netaramam compulsórias) en décembre 2018, esta de la registrar 201 250 casino sífilis adquirida, com taxas que cresceram ano ano.

"This document does not necessarily mean that people who are infected are likely to be infected, but that they are efficiently and virally rotating without having to go to the vigilantes", argued Coordinator of the Transition of HIV and Syphilis in the DST-Aids Program in São Paulo, Carmen Sylvia Bruniera Domingues.

Please note that the notification system does not include express mail in S Paulo Paulo between 2015 and 2016, which primarily reflects an identification of syphilis. And what is so important? Attracts to the placenta, a bacterium Treponema Pallidum consegue atingir the fetus, that in no tratada, provocar pode falhas na denticião, problems nos ossos, cegueira, surdez and those problems no nervous system. Essa é a sífilis congênita.

Notifications do not have data available for 10 723 casinos in 2017 before 12 232 in 2018. "The documents are registered, only samples that are identifiable and valid are available for pre-registration of babies", Carmen Silvia .

It is currently being reduced 6.7% to 6.5% of the conglomerate tax rate for the 1st millennium living in 2017 before 2018. Outros is currently the lowest rated: Amazonas (of 10.3 at 9.9 ), Espírito Santo (de 11.5 para 10), Rio Grande do Sul (de 14.3 para 13.9) and Mato Grosso (de 4.5 para 3.6).

Aposar disso, no Brasil como um todo as noísas no s boo boas. Here is the graphic:

casos de syphilis congenita

The recessive-nascidos with syphilis syndrome is a reflex of the number of gestants infectadas no matter. No ano pass, foram 62 599, 25.7% of what 2017 is and what numbers will go through 2010. A Maori (52.5%), of the year 2005 and 2018, is among the 20 of 29 points, with a score of 15 to 19 points (24.7%).

Segundo Podgaec, omnes particularidades da syfilis that dificulta sua contenção a de to elefantes apresenta no sexo masculine. “Uma uma doença que atinge especialmente as mulheres. O homem pode passar a vida inteira infectado e n sento sentir nada. This is the risk of transmitting or transmitting sexually deprotective sex, ”says Einstein's gynecologist.

With the issue of pneumonia infectadas nos tltimos anos, the Ministry of Health launched on 20 November 2017, the national para para combater of syphilis, specifically a congress. The object of the mobilized gestures is the profiling of how many importers will be diagnosed and treated with durable or prenatal care.

The battery is very important to prevent, but the preservative is to be maintained. "Almost always, as the costume examines the symptoms of syphilis and gynecologic rotation," Carmen Sylvia lamented. Aí fica complicado combine a bacterium Treponema Pallidum precocemente.

The treatment of syphilis, aliens, is the age of penicillin age. As doses will receive antibiotics and gynecologists or infectologists will vary depending on the stage.

This is a translation of the original Einstein pages.

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