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Pedro Calado highlights the company's insulation production capacity

The Vice President of Regional Government today visited Insularna, a traditional Madeiran company with its own capital, located in the Industrial Free Zone, 27 years ago, which is a turnover of over € 8 million a year and is responsible for 100% supply to the bakery industry in the The region.

Pedro Calado was "pleased" with the development of the industry, but primarily because the Regional Government "met one of the greatest needs" in terms of export support.

Inland exports account for about 35% of total production (70%), despite having a large turnover, able to grow if it increases its national and international market share. This greatly contributes to export support. "We have done this," the minister said, noting that after hearing from some companies in the sector, the government has launched a "10m-euro stimulus system" which is an "important tool" to reduce export costs of products.

For Pedro Calado, by conquering a larger domestic market, companies are lowering domestic production costs and can put their products at reduced prices in the regional market, which is a major contributor to market growth that "generates more production, more jobs. work and more wealth in the economic sector, "he stressed, noting" continuous work "with regional companies, which allows them to hear their" pains "and satisfy their pleasures.

The visit to Insular is part of the "Companies Nearby" initiative.

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