Thursday , November 21 2019
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Patris entra na Pharol com 4.34% – Bolsa

A Real Vida Seguros, owned 100% by Patris Investimentos SGPS – but only 54,518% by Gonçalo Pereira Coutinho – with a 4.34% discount on Pharol.

We divulged the second quarto of CMVM, a Pharol indica from Real Vida Seguros comprising 8 out of a total of 38,875,874 acres of leading operations by Luis Palha da Silva (no photo).

A Real Vida Seguros accounted for 4.34% of all votes in Pharol, referencing the document.

A Patris record, set to be a rehearsal for the group and a centerpiece of Real Vida Seguros.

For the low-cost quartz rate, a Pharol rate is 1.24% above 0.1035 euros.

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