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O Chrome! Tests are new

Browser features across the Internet, like Chrome, can help identify problems. A Google tem resolvé-los, which is the only conseguiu of total ultrapassar formats available.

One of the things that is referenced is the amount of RAM consumed. The impact of espalha on a todo or depressing system is not desperately needed. A google tem estado a trabalhar neta ara e agora tem uma novidade.

Chrome Google RAM memory separadores

Chrome has consumed menos of RAM

But the weather here is tested, as this is a new site for you. This is available on the Canary version of Chrome, for sale online. An idea from Google pass by congelar or separadores that is not here. Estes v ato ser ativados quando o utilizador regressar a eles.

Pre-test the precision of the Chrome Canary install and pronto usar. Abram or chrome: // flags and process a flag Tabs Freeze. This is the default value of Default.

Chrome Google RAM memory separadores

Novas opções para memir dos separadores

Chrome currently has 3 options available, with different results and previews. Cabe ao utilizador escolher qual quer no seu browser. Temos as no option Enabled, which is bloquear or separators within 5 minutes.

A. Enabled Freeze -No Unfreeze The tempo of the sport is anterior to the nose, but not at all different. Os separadores do not have recuperados in the form of automata. It is currently the largest city in the United States.

Chrome Google RAM memory separadores

But fim, temosira terceira opção. Esta chama-se Enabled Freeze -Unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes e tem um comportamento peculiar. It took about 15 minutes to separate but 10 segundos.

A Google tem muita información de controlo

Before the control is completed, a Google search for Chrome has no specific page. This page does not contain any chrome: // discards and samples for further information.

Chrome Google RAM memory separadores

Aqui v podo poder fires sobre os separadores abertos, congelando-os or descongelando-os conform a necessizade doizador. This information is provided by a database of separatists and graphs from the current page.

This post is very important in the first instance of Chrome and the first Google. The limitation and autoimmunity or recursos that this browser consume is prioritized and urgent. The RAM memory tests in the continent and in the casino are sucesso esta novidade passa a produção.

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