Thursday , October 21 2021

Microsoft released the October update of Windows 10 after repairing the failure


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The October update of Windows 10 is available from Tuesday (13). Some bugs forced Microsoft to postpone October updates after several reports from users who lost their files while updating their operating systems. The revised version was made available to beta testers, but it took more than a month before the problems were solved before the release of the general version.

"In addition to extensive internal verification, we have spent time monitoring the feedback and diagnostic data accurately from our Windows and MillionMonitor specialists in the Windows Update on October 10, and we no longer have evidence of data loss," John said. Cable, program management director for Windows.

However, a small group of users will not be automatically updated via Windows Update, which will force them to actively search for installations. However, it may not be available if you notice any compatibility issues: "If we detect that the device may have a problem, such as incompatibility of the application, we will not install the update until the problem is resolved," explains Cable.

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Source: The Verge

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