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Men with breast cancer have a higher mortality rate than women


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Male Breast Cancer

Men with breast cancer have a higher risk of dying than women in the same situation at all stages of the disease.

Disparity persists even when considering clinical features such as types of cancer, treatment, and access to care.

The five-year mortality rate after diagnosis is 19% higher for men than for women.

The data suggests that a specific cancer biology – few cancers are worse for men than women -, a less effective problem with treatment or adherence, and perhaps unhealthy lifestyles in men may be responsible for lower rates. of overall survival.

And it is not easy to determine in detail which of these possible causes is most important because men make up less than 1% of cases of breast cancer.

"It is very rare that any institute will find it difficult to recruit a sufficient number of research patients," said Professor Xiao-Ou Shu of Vanderbilt University, who co-ordinated the survey.

Unknown differences

Researching 11 years of data – from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2014, researchers found breast cancer records in 1.8 million women, but only 16,025 men (0.89%). )

About 85% of ER (estrogen receptor) positive male breast cancer, a higher percentage of female patients with breast cancer (75%) – breast cancer is classified as ER-positive, HER2-positive or triple negative.

"[ER-positivo] It's a type of cancer that patients usually do better because we have hormone treatment, "explains Hu." We have many options for treating this type of breast cancer. In theory, men should have better outcomes and lower mortality than women if treatment is equally effective. The question is whether there are other biological differences between male and female cancers with positive status. We don't know "

The researcher says further studies are needed to identify the causes of higher mortality in men, but international consortia are likely to be needed because male breast cancer is so rare. "The main point is that we need more studies specifically focused on male breast cancer," Yu concluded.

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