Wednesday , June 23 2021

Lisbon had the 7th largest increase in passenger numbers at European airports by September

The information indicates that higher
which in Lisbon took place only in Frankfurt, and another 4.1 million (+ 8.4%), Moscow Sheremetyevo,
with an additional 4.08 million (+ 13.5%), Ataturk in Istanbul, and another 3.93 million
(+ 8.2%), Madrid Barajas, with another 3.3 million (+ 8.3%), Moscow Vnukovo, with
plus 2.6 million (+ 18.8%) and Istanbul Sabiha Gokçen, and another 2.46 million
(+ 10.5%), while in Lisbon the increase amounted to 2.07 million (+ 10.3%).

However, this increase was largely
achieved in the first months of the year, because the growth slowed down
especially in the third quarter, when Lisbon was only 20-th largest
increase in the number of passengers in Europe, from around 521 thousand (+ 6.5%), though in 2008
September, until you take part in the largest number of the largest airports in the world
European (to read more clicks: Lisbon has once again achieved the highest growth
from the largest European airports in September, ACI

The point is that not only in Lisbon
slowed the growth of passenger traffic, as shown by data from
ACI, which indicate that in the first nine months of the year increase
the average was 5.8%, but in the third quarter it was 5% and 4.8% in July,
5.1% in August and 5% in September.

Director-General of ACI Europe, Olivier
Jankovec, he commented that these data show that in the months of "peak" traffic
years, the growth remained "solid" in the fall.

Their analysis is that it results from "problems"
airport capacity, strikes, rising fuel prices and
consolidation of the aviation sector, factors that say: "inhibit
more earnings, "quotes Olivier Jankovec in the statement
Road Traffic Association in September, in which he added that in the same
Aviation taxes and economic slowdown are connected.

Olivier Jankovec makes the same statement
whereas recent progress in Brexit and Malta negotiations
The measures adopted to preserve air connections after March 2019 are "a relief"
and consumers can now trust that
next year.

The executive authority, however, leaves a warning that the EU has "left"
it is clear that emergency measures will only apply until December 2019,
so there is a "big question mark" about what will happen

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Germany, Spain and Brazil are increasing the number of passengers at the Lisbon airport

The main intercontinental connections to Lisbon increase the number of passengers by 17%

Lisbon has once again achieved the highest growth
from the largest European airports in September, ACI

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