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KULA – Jorge Jesus admits: "I was very surprised by the detention of Bruno de Carvalho" (Saudi Arabia)

In the interview, which he can read this Friday at A BOLA, Jorge Jesus assumes that he is following the recent events of the attack on the Academy in May last year, when he continued to lead Sporting.

– One of the subjects of the current moment in Portugal are the arrests of Bruno de Carvalho and Mustafa, suspected of linking to the attack on Alcochete. What is your reaction?

– I was surprised! It's normal. Knowing the context of what is happening in Portugal, it may be due to all these situations that I am in Saudi Arabia … But I was very surprised by the detention of Bruno de Carvalho.

"Do you know that the prosecutor wants to hear this?"

– I know. Let's see. I'll wait.

"He survived the situation in a terrible way when he was attacking the Academy of Alcochete …"

– I lived very close, it was not easy, as everyone knows …

– After leaving Sporting chose Jose Peseiro, who did not resist. And Dutchman Marcel Keiser …

"I do not know Marcel Keizer, not the work he did in Ajax or the UAE, in football with little expression, I admit I do not know him.

– What were the negotiations with Sousa Cintra when he wanted to return to Sporting?

– It's public that Sousa Cintra did everything I could to return to Sporting. He believed in the project that the club had for me. But at the time I refused to return to Sporting.

– And Peseiro, was it a good choice?

– Sousa Cintra made a good decision to choose José Peseiro. He did a good job in a few days when he was at the head of the band, but he did not stay.

– What is the opinion about Frederico Varandas?

– Frederico Varandas has many features related to the implemented project. He has experience in co-existing with coaches, players and footballers. Balconies are a man who is not afraid to make decisions.

"And the departure of Jose Peseiro?"

"I think it's only natural that Jose Peseiro's decision left …"

– How did you see the way Tiago Fernandes grabbed the band? He achieved two victories and was associated with Arsenal.

– Take advantage of the opportunity. She is a child who wants to have a career and has a good adviser at home who is a father. He is a very ambitious young man. Three games were produced and enjoyed. He was very excited about a few statements about his responsibility in the past … He can not forget that he was a member of the team José Peseiro. But this is also part of the youth and is part of his desire to embrace the coaching career.

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