Wednesday , January 20 2021

Kim Kardashian on the inauguration of the medical center in honor of his father Kardashian participated in the inauguration of the University of California at the University Hospital and Los Angeles Research Center (UCLA), an average unit honoring the late father of glory, Robert Kardashian.

The 38-year-old socialist and her mother, Chris Jener – as well as other members of the famous family – did not miss the moment when the center named after the lawyer – who died in 2003 after the fight against cancer – opened the doors this Tuesday, April 16.

In a video posted on Twitter, Kim said: "We are at the opening ceremony of the hospital Robert G. Kardashian at UKLA. We are just scanning the tape, let's make a picture with all doctors and everyone else."

After hearing her mother said that she was "very exciting" moment, the celebrity added: "We are all here. My father's family came to support her."

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