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Intel plans to release a 5G modem that will revolutionize the market

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Intel revealed today that unlike the initial time line, it will release the XMM 8160 5G modem chip in the second half of 2019, six months earlier than originally planned.

This announcement is something crazy for the smartphone industry and should speed up the entire technological development of phones that will be launched next year, because the XMM 8160 is a chip that promises to change the whole way to develop device recognition systems.

This is because the chip will be the first 5G multi-core modem. This means that in addition to recognizing all existing 5G frequencies, it will also support 4G, 3G and 2G networks, making it the first chip in the world that supports all of these networks in one package.

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As soon as it is introduced to the market, the new 5G modem by Intel is to completely change the smartphone market, which still needs to build architectures using two different modems, one on 5G and one on other network frequencies. Placing everything in one block allows manufacturers to save space on their boards, which can be used for other improvements.

The XM8160 will recognize all main frequencies from 2G to 5G with bandwidth from 600MHz to 6GHz, enabling download speeds up to 6Gbps.

And the biggest beneficiary of this advance will be Apple. Since the iPhone and Xs, the company has decided to use Intel modems on its smartphones, and this information only helped establish the belief that this partnership should exist for some time.

Although Intel announced that it will launch a new modem in 2019, he also said that only in 2020 should see the first smartphones that (and also in accordance with the company, notebooks and computers) that will use the new chip.

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