Tuesday , January 19 2021

Gori: Strike "passes" to Elvas and Campo Major with tradition to go to Badajoz – Current events

"There is still fuel," Luya Joao Carlos Carpineiro, spokesman for the Alto Alentejo fuel company, justifying the "concrete case" with the fact that the population is used to supply to the neighboring Spanish city of Badajoz.

According to the businessman, all the gas stations they offer, located in the municipalities of Elvas, Campo Mayor, Montfort, Portalegre, Alter to Chao and Susel, continue to have fuel on the market.

Yesterday [terça-feira], the people in Elvas were spotted to provide something more than usual, to prevent them from going to Badajoz, but nothing more, "he said.

In a circle this morning by Luso by the seven gas stations located in the city of Portalegre, a county capital, only two did not have a diesel to provide customers.

In the morning, in Portalegre, there were not significant significant queues of vehicles near petrol stations, but there was more exuberant abundance than usual.

One of the employees at the gas station on a commercial area told Luso that on Tuesday he sold "three times as much fuel" as usual on a business day.

In Evora, most gas stations did not have gas oil this morning, according to a circle made by Luso.

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