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Google can add radar and accident notifications to Maps


Users report that they have seen the famous Waze function while using the application

Ariane Alves


November 7, 2018, 7:30 pm

São Paulo – O. Google it may be close to adding an accident and radar notification function to Google Maps. According to the website Android police, some application users report that they see a button in the corner of the screen indicating functionality.

The function is expected because the company purchased Waze, famous application from GPSin 2013. With novelties, drivers will be able to notify other system users about the presence of radars, accidents, locks and detours on the road, suggesting that they have calculated the route to get around the indicated place.

Google Maps is testing a new alert function for accidents and radars

Google Maps is testing a new radar and crash notification feature (police / Android play)

The company did not issue an official position, so it is not known when and even if the resource will be made available to the community.

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