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FVS envia equipe tecnica para force-tarefa contra dengue em Tabatinga | Manaus | | Amazônia – Amazonas

Notice of 34 cases of dengue fever and alert for the epidemiologic situation. Quantidade representa 35.29% of total casino notificados no estado

A Vigilance Fund in the Saudde do Amazonas (FVS-AM) enviará, nest segunda-feira (14), technically experiencing epidemioligic, environmental and laboratory vigilance, prior to computing a device in Tabatinga (dist. 1.110 km) ).

The objective of the FVS crew was to intensify control of Aedes aegypti, dengue, zika and chikugunya strains, especially in Latvia, Colombia, where the Tabatinga fronteira was , com 600 casos de dengue.

At the moment, Tabatinga notifica 34 casinos susceptible of dengue, 12, confirmed by the Laboratoire de Fronteira (Lafron-FVS), representing 35.29% of total casinos notifiable, as well as demonstrating a pre-epidemiologic status.

A FVS-AM Presidential Director, Rosemary Costa Pinto, has explicitly stated that we have the opportunity to pre-empt the publicity of no ammunition. "Español equates to comparing the profiles of the Secretaria Municipal de Tabatinga, prior to listing defined in terms of weather", explicou.

Rosemary informations that we have, on Amazonas, on the institutionalization of donations, such as chegadas and chuvas, típicas do inverno amazônico. "80% of casino notificados do not have any acoustic effects, but is also a population that has intensified in many cases and has no ambient environment, prior to the acoustic acoustic parade", alertou.

Prior to this FVS technical director, Cristiano Fernandes Fernandes, a Tabatinga exige adoção de estratégias integradas. "A circulation of pessoas on the front is intensified in the Tabatinga, which contributes to the soundtrack", avaliou o diretor.


No recent epidemiologic evidence of any transmitidas by car will Aedes Aegypti, elaborate FVS-AM record, 74% reduction in 2019, set a record deadline of 112 casinos contra 443 casinos no longer available 201. 21%, we 2019, foram notificadas 3.372 casos contra 4.271, no ano passado.

There is a 15% chance for chikugunya to reach 15%, as of November 2019, for 192 casino notices against 166 casino casinos in 2018.

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