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Empresas querem impugnar a proxima greve de motoristas

The ancestry of the new strike on motorists perigosas with extraordinarial horns and a semblance of fever and leprosy as a prerequisite for the provision of cautious services in connection with such a prima facie case of the Tribunal Administrator.

Algumas do not consider the trabalhadores to be recourse to as extraordinary horas, but the cause of clauses 61, to be durable discourse of a strike or negotiation. "The motorists, in the terms of the convention, are hereby sued for a regime prevented by clauses 61 res, resumidamente, in the absence of a horário de trabalho, with the claim of compensatory compensation", referenced in the booklet. responsável pela elaboração da cautelar providence, ao Eco. Neste conte, as empresas defendes that the contract is defined as the horario and non horas extraordinarias, the tendon or trabalhadores uma the "salarial component" substituted for "the trabalho supplementary regime", but not elsewhere "in the applicable jurisdictional jurisdiction."

"Relativamente aas dias, it is a matter of course that the law is enforced and that we have executed or determined the service, limits on the tempo of the traffic, constituted infrared discipline, prior to the departure of any other direct or indirect compensation. na cláusula 61ª ”, referenced o escritório de advogados.

Syndicate ainda pode cancelar a greve

Ontem, we declare to the RTP, Francisco São Bento, President of the SNMMP, that we have the possibility of canceling a marquee strike on the 7th to 22nd of September. "Do you think you have to go ahead and have a strike, but no?", Asked Francisco São Bento. No entry, no declarações feitas ao initiación de tarde de ontem, or the president of the syndicated establishment refer to the essay possibilidade of the particulars we relate to paralyzed: "O pré-aviso de greve mantém se".

Francisco São Bento is one of the top journalists to link Pedro Pardal Henriques to trade unions, to prevent him from running into candidacy with other legislative bodies. "No fragmentation of alguma form syndrome, bom before a class of trabalhadora ter alguém that os defenda", disse.

The proximity to the circuit is encrypted between the trade union and the Antram, in Direção-Geral do Emprego e Relay do Trabalho (DGERT), before defining the service minima of the strike strike.

The syndicate incorporates the prerequisite of a semifinal strike referencing references to minima but consider "the existence of a normal qualifying trabalhador horários". The fact that there are trabalhadores that refer to a trabalar can only be described as oito horas, as "comprar as empresas will set transports without any additional trabalhadores base supplement", dis Francisco Francisco São Bento.

Like Antram, André Matias de Almeida, the port-voz dos patrons, offered clarification and a brief description of the minimize service: "Dizer that is at the stage of minimizing the minima revel descondition".

The governing body, in order to prevent accidents, to serve as minors, to cause them to be exploited as extras and to be trampled on by fines and semifinals. Record how to strike a motorist, the Governor recites the militia and the forces of the seizure before condemning, exatamente porque or trabalhadores recusaram trabalhar mais do que oito horas.

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