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Dengue cases continue to grow in Paraná

according to the latest dossier of the State Secretary for Health (SESA)
the number of suspected disease reports increased from 6,528 to 7,281. Oh
The poll was made since August last year.

confirmed autochthons, which are those who have agreed in the municipality itself,
fell from 135 to 155. Notifications took place in 253 of the 399 municipalities
of Paraná. Fifteen of them are considered high risk. Only in this list
Urai is thought to be in an epidemic situation. Municipalities with the largest number of municipalities
Cases reported Londrina (1,600), Foz to Iguazu (852) and
Paranagua (445). The index of confirmed cases is higher in the municipalities
Urai (36), Foz to Iguazu (28) and Londrina (22).

The lab
at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) warns in this
climate conditions are favorable for the development of a mosquito
Aedes aegypti. The tendency of the proliferation curve is to decrease only with
autumn entry.

Secretariat of Health
people eliminate all kinds of breeding such as standing water in
containers, bottles, garbage and faucets, among other things, where
breed of mosquito larvae. The tip is to hold a weekly routine cleaning on
stay, to eliminate any kind of garbage that accumulates dengue epidemics.

The symptoms of dengue are fever
accompanied by headache, joint pain, muscle pain and pain behind the eyes
or general weakness.

Reporter Frances Azevedo

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