Wednesday , July 28 2021

Death of young artists in tragic accidents that shocked Portugal – Society

In recent years, several young Portuguese artists have lost their lives in tragic car accidents.

In 2006, actor Francisco Adam, then 22, lost his life in a car accident in Alcotteta. Known for the character “Dino”, in the youth series Morangos com Achicar, from TVI.

The young man was returning from the autograph session in Koruche.

More recently, singer Angelico Vieira died after a violent investigation in June 2011 on A1 towards Porto-Lisbon.

The actor from Morangos com Achicar also spent several days in the hospital in Sao Joao, Porto, where he died.

Three more friends followed in the same car. One of the passengers was thrown out of the vehicle and died after being hit by another vehicle. A young woman who was seriously injured followed in this vehicle, and another person escaped unharmed.

Also, Sara Carreira, Tony Carreira’s youngest daughter, died this Saturday night in a violent accident on A1. The young woman was in the car with her boyfriend, actor Ivo Lucas, who was in serious condition but is already stable.

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