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CTT caem quase 7% of arrastam PSI-20. Europe fechou mista – O Jornal Económico

The PSI-20 dropped 0.35% before 4.955.9 points on the tombo das CTT. Os correios caíram -6,68% before 2,012 euros. However, this is an exemplary preference, as it does not apply to any of the above in terms of performance.

As of today Pharol deslizaram -3.27% before 0.106 euros. There is also a Mota-Engil flight ticket price (-2.77% before 1,898 euros). The BCP has no voltage at all. The eggshell touched -1.32% before 0.1874 euros.

Destaque a negative price for a Navigator that is -1,30% before 3,182 euros.

An EDP favors the performance of the PSI-20, reflexes and features that are set in Europe. Subject 1.05% to 3,547 Euros if the Governor decides to issue an EDP exemption to the consumer spending of 72.9 milliard Euros, which will only pay for electricity to the CMEC (Custos de Manutção) regime. do Equilíbrio Contratual), segundo noticia esta terça-feira o Observador.

A Jerónimo Martins coat is priced at € 15,7750. The CaixaBank BPI Research elevated the pre-tax rate for the fiscal year 2020 to 18.65 euros.

A sessão acabou por ser negativa para a maioria das praças europeias. The autism did not come under negotiation with the EUA / China, negotiated by Mnuchin, as it did with Trump's discourse on the United States, only to be manipulated as much as possible by the intellectual and intellectual proportions of the Millennium. , Ramiro Loureiro.

The EuroStoxx 50 fell 0.14% to 3.532.05 pounds. The London FTSE 100 touched 0.47% before 7,291.43 pints; The French CAC declined 0.04% to 5,628.3 pts and the DAX rate declined 0.28% to 12,307.15 pts.

The Italian FTSE MIB is a sub-talent of IBEX. Milo subu 0.01% before 21.109.01 pontos and Madrid valued 0.27% before 9.118.2 pontos.

The analyst of the BPI, no matter what kind of commentary, has to deal with any such divisions or indicators that are relevant to the PMI's relevance to the European economy, especially to Germany, if not to the IFO's sentiment to Germany. This indicador relativo a empresarial sentiment registrat uma ligeira melhoria dos 94.3 em before os 94.6 em set. There was no indication that the relative indicators expected were 91.3 to 90.8, at least as of June 2009.

The manufacturers of automobiles for penalizing notices as authorized by this Volkswagen processor and the Daimler have relativistic control over the emission of nickel, adhesive and BPI gases.

You are a BCP analyst, and you have to appeal to the consuming Northeast Americans for a reason or enthusiasm. This precursor to the oil we have been calling for as Saudi Arabia is in a phase of progress in retaining any output that is available to them.

It is superior to 1% esteram in primary-material produ- cers as well as petroleum emulsifiers.

Brent's in London is 1.59% at $ 63.74 a barrel.

The euro stove 0.06% before 1.10 dollars.

The mercury of the soberana revela that a German tempts the law negativos agravarem. A yield is around 0.60% (-1,9 pontos base).

A Portuguese with 3.1 pontos base before 0,144% and Espanha has a maximum of 3.1 pontos base at 0,118%. Italy has a contraceptive rating of 0.833% (+0.20 points base).

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