Sunday , July 25 2021

Covid-19: why the pandemic got out of control in Paran.

  • Rafael Barifus
  • BBC News Brazil in Sao Paulo


Cases escalated again in Paran. And hospitals were filled

О infectologist Jaime Rocha has decided to record a video in the last 30 days in the hope that it will spread through WhatsApp groups in Curitiba to raise public awareness.

He began by saying that he did not want to talk about Covid-19 anymore or the importance of washing hands or wearing a mask. “I’m sure you already know all this,” he said.

The doctor wanted to warn that he was starting to miss beds for patients who became ill due to the new coronavirus in the capital of Paran., Where he works.

“We open more beds, we open more beds … But the behavior of the people makes the number of cases so large that we are not aware of it.

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